INBW33: Thank You, and a Few Thoughts
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INBW33: Thank You, and a Few Thoughts

As one of our guests, Dr. Tony DiGioia (EP332), has said, healthcare has been pushed to its limits this past year; but that doesn’t mean that nothing good has come of it. Celebrating our bright spots and using our experiences to inform future innovations is really the key to more accessible, equitable, and higher quality of care. While the timing of the celebration could, in general, be better given the latest pandemic news, as they say, there’s no time like the present. So, let’s do this thing.

Also, it’s just definitely good from a mental health perspective to find bright spots and to be grateful for them. So, let me kick this off with all of the gratitude I can hold in my two hands for anybody listening who is on the so-called front line of healthcare. My appreciation cannot be expressed more fiercely. I wish, in fact, that there was more that I/we could do to address the systemic issues that plague our healthcare industry and really impact you directly.

Speaking of doctors as one of these frontline healthcare groups, in the Doximity Physician Compensation Report that was released for this past year, here’s four stats to know:  

  1. Twenty-two percent of physicians are considering early retirement because of overwork.
  2. Sixteen percent of physicians are looking for another employer because of overwork.
  3. Twelve percent of physicians are looking for another career because of overwork.
  4. Twenty-seven percent of physicians said they’re not overworked, so I guess there’s that—that’s a bright spot.

So, all you docs, nurses, PAs, social workers, therapists of all kinds, any other healthcare workers: Thank you for all that you do even in the face of these adversities and a bunch of seemingly shortsighted policy and/or administrative decisions. Take care of yourself first and foremost. We need you; we appreciate you. Thank you.

I’d also like to thank everybody who listened to Relentless Health Value this past year. Thank you for being part of an inspired and inspirational community of individuals who are trying hard to do the right thing and learn and connect with others on a similar journey—even in the face of all the perverse incentives and calcified status quo processes, the whole host of factors that add up to formidable barriers to positive change.

All of us—and I’m thinking that includes you—we continue to press forward. This is important because the more of us there are, the more of us who link hands and do some combination of educate, cajole, scold, guilt into, demand, lead, vote, wear down … the more of us who consider ourselves part of the change, the more effective we can be. So, recruit your fellow thinkers and let’s continue to make inroads.

I want to give a special thank you to the many of you who have reached out to me over this past year. You have encouraged, coached, and debated with me. You have added details and case studies. You’ve provided context. You have offered up topics to explore and introduced me and our team over here to some great guests. You have changed my mind. You have made me realize that there’s some maybe underlying reason for something that is, in fact, valid or a consequence that maybe hasn’t been thought through well enough by me and/or others.

I couldn’t be more thankful or appreciative to every single one of you.

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03:36 Thank you to our listeners and the feedback you’ve given the show over the years.
05:10 “Good and bad is a matter of extremes.”
06:20 Thank you to Dr. Steve Schutzer, Dr. George Mathews, Dr. Ge Bai, Troy Larsgard, Dr. Hugh Sims, Vinay Eaton, Dr. Brian Decker, Jeff Hogan, Peter Hayes, Dr. Aaron Mitchell, Parker Edman, Andre Wenker, Doug Aldeen, Cristy Gupton, LynAnn Henderson, Chad Jackson, and Darrell Moon.
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08:01 Thank you to Malfoxley, Jopo1234, and Teresa O’Keefe for your 2021 reviews.
08:19 Thank you to Dr. Nadia Chaudhri, who sadly died this past year of ovarian cancer but who did so much to advance the awareness of ovarian cancer and pursue better outcomes and better patient care. Look through her Twitter feed.
08:39 Thank you to Brian Klepper, who is a great writer but also runs what might be the largest Listserv for those on the innovative self-insured employer side of healthcare. What I most admire about Brian is his ability and dedication to fact-based and productive debate. Brian is featured on several RHV episodes this past year. You can check them out here: EP335 and AEE16.
09:09 I’d also like to thank Dr. Eric Bricker for his series called AHealthcareZ. Dr. Bricker is a guest on an episode coming up that I’m so looking forward to publishing.
09:45 Thanks to these writers for taking the time and effort to put out such worthwhile content: Brendan Keeler, Kevin O’Leary, Nikhil Krishnan, Olivia Webb, Joe Connolly, Christian Milaster (Telehealth Tuesday), Gist Healthcare daily/weekly newsletter and podcast, John Marchica’s newsletter and podcast, and Merrill Goozner.
10:10 If you don’t already, I’d also recommend following these individuals on LinkedIn: Darren Fogarty, Leon Wisniewski, and Christin Deacon (listen to Christin’s episode about the CAA this past fall).
10:26 David Contorno and Emma Fox, thanks so much for all of your work motivating collaboration and inspiring self-insured employers to wield the power they possess in meaningful ways. There’s a symposium coming up that anyone interested should check out.
10:42 I appreciate and periodically check out Julie Yoo from Andreessen Horowitz’s collection of resources on a Google doc.
10:55 Thanks to Rohan Siddhanti and Ezequiel Halac for organizing events in NYC.
11:03 People often ask me for podcast recommendations, so here’s a few I listen to regularly: John Lynn’s podcastsCreating a New Healthcare with Dr. Zeev Neuwirth, Race to Value with Eric Weaver, Radio Advisory, Gist Healthcare Daily, The #HCBiz Show! with Don Lee, and Primary Care Cures with Ron Barshop (I was on the show released Thanksgiving week). There’s also the Pharmacy Podcast Network.
11:42 Also thanks to the following publications who have given us press credentials and passes to conferences: STAT News, NODE.Health, HealthIMPACT, and JAMA.
12:03 Lastly, we have a tip jar on our Web site which we don’t really publicize. I say this to emphasize that those who choose to donate are just simply kind and gracious individuals: Alex Dou, Linda Garcia, James Farley, Arthur Berens, Lois Drapin, James Cheairs, Robert Matthews, Lois Niland, Teresa O’Keefe, Richard Klasco, Hugh Sims, Matt Warhaftig, Meredith Fried, Chad Jackson, Vidar Jorgensen, and Brandon Weber.
12:38 Thank you ALL for your continued leadership in improving healthcare.
12:42 Christin Deacon has said, “What we need more of in the healthcare industry are leaders who are willing to take on legacy institutions and their lobbyists, in both public and private discourse. We need leaders that are willing to take on an industry that makes up about 20% of our GDP and is willing to go on record stating that the goal is not just to curb growth but, rather, stop it and rebuild this whole thing better for patients.”

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