EP169: Trust + Engagement = Employers Driving Patient Outcomes, With Darren White, DC From Aduro
Relentless Health Value™February 08, 2018
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EP169: Trust + Engagement = Employers Driving Patient Outcomes, With Darren White, DC From Aduro

Darren is Chief Executive Officer at Aduro, Inc., a human performance company that delivers habit change programs that empower people and organizations to reach their full potential. He brings a unique outlook to the health care sector, combining his experience with the intricacies of the industry with potential he sees in groundbreaking technologies, human analytics and personalized well-being. With more than 15 years of expertise in demonstrated return on population health, Darren helps companies unlock the power of a happier, healthier, and higher-performing workforce.

Prior to founding Aduro, Darren has served as Associate Doctor, Clinic Director and Chief Executive Officer of Clear Chiropractic, a collection of practices in the Puget Sound Area specializing in the Blair Chiropractic Technique. Darren received his Doctor of Chiropractic from Georgia’s Life University and currently serves as Chairman of the Board at Clear Chiropractic.

Darren spends an increasing amount of time developing new opportunities to bring his purpose-driven approach to the larger community with support for behavior health and nutritional lifestyles. When he’s not igniting Aduro’s culture at a Friday Fire all-company huddle, he can be found curating crowd-pleasing playlists or traversing down the slopes at his favorite mountain hideaway.

00:00 Employers and health care today.
03:30 Self-insured employers and how this works.
05:00 Do employers as payers have different priorities than insurance payers?
09:00 How employers are helping facilitate employees finding better care settings.
09:30 Creating better plan designs.
12:30 The inherent conflict between on-site clinics and local provider organizations.
17:10 The immediate challenges employers face.
21:45 Do employees appreciate employer engagement in their health care?
24:50 Value on investment.
25:10 “But really what we care about is attaining and retaining employees.”
26:00 The percentage of employers that are recognizing and actively addressing these issues.
28:00 “We have a vendor landscape and a consultant landscape that has set up this antagonistic model.”
30:00 What Aduro does.