Episode 0 - The Prequel
Relentless Health Value™June 20, 201410:5715.01 MB

Episode 0 - The Prequel

"What is this podcast?" 
It's a valid question that I've answered many times lately.

This podcast is about the people of the healthcare industry— the entrepreneurs, employee-preneurs, business leaders. Those of us who struggle, every day, to do what we can to make healthcare better. We all know the health industry is a tough place to drive results. It's highly regulated, enormous, chaotic and rife with vested interests. Implementation of almost anything involves navigating a very messy middle. 

Relentless Health Value is about us. It's about our successes and lessons learned. My guests share their stories. They talk about how they manage to stay strategic and focused when their days are chock-full of too many distractions, too much data, too little data, and triple-booked meetings. They talk about what they're currently excited about, what's inspiring them, what's troubling them. They offer advice and share an insight or two. They talk about their role and what they hope to achieve. And this is important.

It's important because in order to collaborate, we need to understand each other.

There are a number of health industry podcasts already out there and I'd like to give them a shout out. They make it easier to keep up with what's going on with the industry by covering news, current trends and topics:

  • First Word Pharma - Daily podcast to keep you up to date on who bought who, who sued who and the general goings-on. A robot reads the copy.
  • Pharma Marketing Podcast - Hosted by The Pharma Guy. His guests talk about their latest projects.
  • Healthcare Informatics - Health IT focused.
  • HIN.com - Episodes are short, usually teasers for a longer webinar but cover trending topics.
  • AJHP Voices - Pharmacy-centric.
  • Pharma Talk Radio - Sometimes clinical, sometimes not. Guests share their recent projects.
  • Medical Sales Guru - Mace Horoff gives advice on how to sell medical/pharma products.
  • (In the podcast, I neglect to mention the HIMSS podcast called "HIE InPractice.")

My name is Stacey Richter and I'm the founder and CEO of Franklyn Healthcom, a marketing agency specializing in communications to decision-makers at healthcare organizations. I'm your host. 

Take a listen and I thank you very much if you subscribe. Upcoming episodes feature Robert Herzog of eCaring, Kent Dicks of Alere, Leo Francis of LPF Solutions among other American entrepreneurs and business leaders you might want to get to know.

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