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Relentless Health Value (RHV) is the largest weekly podcast reaching senior healthcare decision makers. This includes executives working for payer, provider, pharmacy, pharma, and health tech organizations. We also reach investors plus a growing number of employer CFOs and benefits professionals, including benefits professionals making decisions for state and city health plans.

The Relentless Tribe played a role in spreading awareness and offering support for a Groundswell Movement™ in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), which is focused on closing a patient care gap and relies on the input and collaboration across a wide range of stakeholders. It takes a village, and in this case a tribe, to create change that matters. Please visit the CKD Groundswell Movement™ to learn more.

Our listeners—the Relentless Tribe—all have one thing in common: a desire to put patients over profits and do well by doing good. We are a tribe of like-minded individuals on a relentless mission to improve healthcare in this country.

Listen to Relentless Health Value weekly to join the Tribe and connect with others trying to manage the quadruple play: to provide healthcare value and patient satisfaction while being personally and professionally fulfilled.

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A must-listen podcast

This podcast is required listening for anyone interested in fixing the US healthcare system. Stacey shares her in-depth, thoughtful, always spot-on insights with her audience. She’s an excellent interviewer who discusses actionable, practical approaches to improving the system with her roster of expert guests.

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Truly amazing, thoughtful show

This podcast takes nothing for granted and carefully examines healthcare piece by piece. Every episode is a focused deep dive into one particular aspect of the system and what’s working and what isn’t. The show covers an hour’s worth of material in about 30 min. Really the best use of your healthcare podcast time.

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Thought provoking but fair

This podcast brings breaks down the many barriers in the healthcare system and the actions that all the players can have to influence change to bring more value to the consumer. Well worth your time, every time.

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The only healthcare podcast you need

If you’re looking for ways to actually improve healthcare and you care about the US healthcare system not being a complete dumpster fire, then RHV needs to be a must-listen every time Stacey releases an episode. RHV is a refreshing ray of hope for change with “how-to” mixed in, giving the healthcare optimist a lighthouse amidst a sea of misaligned incentives, payer/provider shenanigans, and fundraising press releases.

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Thanks for shining light on healthcare!

Our present healthcare system or rather “sick care system” needs more attention given. Great podcasts!!

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The Best Healthcare Podcast I’ve Heard

I am always on the lookout for newsletters, podcasts, books and articles to advance my understanding of the US healthcare system at an early stage of my career. Nothing has come close to what Stacey Richter consistently puts together for her listeners. The quality of guest, level of technical rigor, concision, and contextual significance across a huge swathe of topics is simply astounding. I’ve learned as much or more from RHV since I started listening in 2021 than from all the books I’ve read in the same period. This podcast is indispensable for any industry professional to keep with the times and to be a conscientious actor in the fraught system of today. Thank you, Stacey!

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#1 Podcast

If you could only listen to one podcast on the transformation of healthcare this is the one. Stacey is amazing and right on point. Scott Conard,MD

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My weekly go-to for smart takes on VBC

I have recommended this podcast to literally hundreds of people (including onstage at our recent customer success summit). Anyone who cares about the sustainability of our healthcare system owes it to themselves to give RHV a permanent spot on their playlist. Always smart, often provocative, scrupulously fair, it’s well worth the listen

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Challenging the status quo till they give up

RHV is an amazing podcast and sorely needed in the healthcare community. I tell everyone about it because I’ve interacted with Stacey personally and know her passion isn’t just for the podcast but it’s the drive in what she does. I’m a recent listener and have learned so much from #399 & 400 her manefesto, episode 410 was packed with knowledge, #407 was great, etc. Let’s start a hundred RHV communities across the US where we implement small experiments so change is grass roots and ubiquitous. Then the status quo will concede.