Sponsorship Opportunities

Media Kit and Show Information

The Relentless Health Value media kit and show information can be found on this page.

Sponsorship Background

Relentless Health Value is (although not officially) a non-profit endeavor. We get a lot of satisfaction from helping those in the healthcare industry help Americans get better healthcare. But putting out a podcast like Relentless Health Value is expensive, and we are bearing this financial cost ourselves.

Our audience is full of movers and shakers, so it’s really no surprise we get literally hundreds if not thousands of pitches a week from companies who would love to reach our Relentless Health Value tribe.

Because this is true, however, and if you are reading this because you were sent this link after pitching us a show, please see our sponsorship opportunities below:

Sponsored Guest Package

If your company has an interest in sponsoring a guest to come on Relentless Health Value to promote their thought leadership, please know that we are very selective with our sponsors and only allow our platform to be used by those in alignment with our mission and only for shows we think our audience will appreciate and value.

Sponsored Guests Receive:

  • One edited and produced “coffee talk” showcasing your thought leadership that is 5–10 minutes long.
    This includes a discussion guide created by Stacey Richter, who will help hone guest expertise into a narrative that resonates with listeners and likely also your target audience.
  • A mention in our weekly email, reaching our mailing list including a call to action. We will also link to any thought leadership on your website that is relevant. If you would like, you may provide us with a content block up to a specified size which we will include.
  • At least one mention on LinkedIn reaching our Relentless Health Value followers, as well as a post on Stacey Richter’s personal account reaching her followers and connections.
  • Please also be aware that we only take guests with demonstrable thought leadership as the core of the interview. At the end of the show, we always ask about the guest’s business and where additional information can be found.
  • One last thing: Guests and sponsors do not have editorial privileges nor the ability to preview shows prior to their release. If you would like to do a show with editorial control, then we will give you a “work-for-hire” quote and the final audio file. It will not be released to the Relentless Health Value audience or on our feed.

Price of Sponsored Guest Package

  • $2500
  • If you don’t want to cover the costs of the show you are pitching and would prefer that another sponsor instead provides financial backing, please see this page for how we select non-paying guests.
  • Price may vary. We may choose to offer discounts based on your organization’s ability to pay, especially if your business is new, your mission is exceptional and your business model is interesting. This said, if your organization is more established and you are able to offer a larger sponsorship, this will help us with our mission and we couldn’t be more grateful for that.
  • Relentless Health Value is also up for offering discounts or trades with organizations who are able to help us with work our benefit corporation, QC-Health or our consulting firm Aventria Health Group is doing. For example, we often run ThinkTanks or Clinical Advisory Boards. We also frequently need help testing out clinical workflow tools. Lastly, if you can assist us with testimonials or introductions to specific organizations, that may also be something we’d consider trading for.

    Our Process

    Interviews are typically released 4–6 weeks after recording. The recording process consists of an email exchange where you send over a document reviewing what you would like to communicate. Our team will respond with a conversation guide so your selected guest has an idea for how to prepare, plus the recording session itself. Relentless Health Value is recorded virtually approximately a week following the discussion guide creation. Interviews are audio only (no video.)

    Interviews are collegial and production quality is high, so guests always sound great.

    Sponsored Ad Packages and “Fund Drive” Opportunities

      • $925 for two “sponsored by” spots in two episodes.
      • You also could also help us pay expenses by selecting something off of this list and helping pay for it, and we will be super grateful and of course mention your generosity on the show. 
      • Sponsorship notice will appear in two newsletters at the bottom and also one Relentless Health Value LinkedIn post.

      Please reach out if your company has an interest in helping us achieve our podcast mission by sponsoring a guest and episode or with ads or if you’d like to show your support in other ways!