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Relentless Health Value (RHV) is the largest weekly podcast reaching senior healthcare decision makers. This includes executives working for payer, provider, pharmacy, pharma, and health tech organizations. We also reach investors plus a growing number of employer CFOs and benefits professionals, including benefits professionals making decisions for state and city health plans.

RHV is usually in the top 50 shows on iTunes in the Medicine category (and we’re not B2C). We are in the top 1% of all podcasts in the world. We like to say that every week, we host a keynote interview for an audience bigger than most of the biggest healthcare conferences. Every day of the year, our show gets hundreds and sometimes thousands of downloads by organizational decision makers and influencers.

Our listeners—the Relentless Tribe—all have one thing in common: a desire to put patients over profits and do well by doing good. We are a tribe of like-minded individuals on a relentless mission to improve healthcare in this country.

Listen to Relentless Health Value weekly to join the Tribe and connect with others trying to manage the quadruple play: to provide healthcare value and patient satisfaction while being personally and professionally fulfilled.


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