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Podcast Archive
# Title Released
234 Customer Experience Drives Trust, and the Two Together Drive Outcomes, With Claire Sporton of Confirmit 07/11/2019
23 What I Said at the Rare Disease Roundtable Last Week 07/04/2019
233 Integrative Oncology Is a Clinically Proven Approach—Here’s to Hoping That News Gets Out to Payers and Patients, With Glenn Sabin of FON Consulting 06/27/2019
232 Why the Right KPIs Are Vital to Improve Patient/Customer Experience, With Jon Skinner From The Verde Group 06/20/2019
231 Pharmaceutical Contracting, PBMs, Pharmacies, Employers, and the HHS Rebate Proposal: What You Need to Know Now, With AJ Loiacono, CEO of Capital Rx 06/13/2019
230 The Best Way to Improve Patient Outcomes and Satisfaction and Reduce Burnout, With John Lynn, Founder of Healthcare Scene, EXPO.health, and HITMC 06/06/2019
229 One Core Skill All Successful Start-up Teams Possess, With Alex Fair, Managing Partner at MedStartr Ventures and CEO of MedStartr 05/30/2019
22 A Very Practical Opioid Alternatives Program for Employers 05/23/2019
228 How to Figure Out What Patients Really Want, With Julie Rish, PhD, From the Cleveland Clinic 05/16/2019
227 What Should Pharma Be Doing Right Now About the HHS Proposal to Effectively Curtail PBM Rebates?, With Kuo Tong, Managing Director at Navigant 05/09/2019
226 Is the Surprise Billing Gold Rush Screeching to a Halt?, With Devon Herrick, PhD, Health Economist and Policy Analyst 05/02/2019
225 Can We Afford to Make Health Care Patient-centric?, With Joe Selby, MD, MPH, Executive Director of PCORI 04/25/2019
224 Underestimate Employers at Your Peril, With Suzanne Delbanco, PhD, Executive Director of Catalyst for Payment Reform 04/18/2019
223 Digital Therapeutics: Which Ones Make the Cut?, With Megan Coder, Executive Director of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance 04/11/2019
222 How to Get Real Results From Your Innovation Department, With Naomi Fried, CEO of Health Innovation Strategies 04/04/2019
221 How to Get Dr. Google to Actually Help Clinicians and Their Patients, With Chris Cullmann of Guidemark Health 03/28/2019
220 Episodes of Care Payments: A Lower-Risk Way to Take On Risk, With François de Brantes of Remedy Partners 03/21/2019
219 How to Deliver Population Health in the Real World (and Get Paid for It), With Arshad Rahim, MD, MBA, FACP, of Mount Sinai Health System 03/14/2019
218 Integrating Social Determinants of Health Into the Clinical Workflow, With Ram Raju, MD, of Northwell Health 03/07/2019
217 A CFO’s Take on Health Insurance, With Steve Watson, CFO and Founder of Summit Path Group 02/28/2019
216 Getting Rid of Drug Rebates, With Chris Sloan From Avalere Health 02/21/2019
9 The Pharmaceutical Triple Aim, With Tom Kottler From HealthPrize Technologies 02/19/2019
215 The Hullabaloo Around Chargemasters, With Practical Advice for Hospitals to Fix Yours, With Caroline Znaniec From Luna Health 02/14/2019
8 VBP Forward Conference—Value-Based Payment Forward Conference, With Don Lee 02/12/2019
214 Actually Operationalizing Innovation, With Katie D. McMillan of Duke University Health System and Roylyn Fernandez of DeLappe Consulting 02/07/2019
213 Using Digital Medicine to Solve for Social Determinants of Health, With Louis Morrow of IRIS and Tiffany Wandy of LifeBridge Health 01/31/2019
212 The Current State of Standardizing Cancer Care With Pathways, With Kathy Lokay From Via Oncology 01/24/2019
7  9 Experts From Across the Industry Weigh In on Digital Medicine Solutions From the NODE.Health Digital Medicine Conference 01/22/2019
211 Going Beyond the Cheerleading: The NODE.Health Digital Medicine Conference, With Jay Erickson, Brian Van Winkle, and Shahid Shah 01/17/2019
210 How Social Workers Improve Patient Outcomes: The Big Reveal, With Jonathan Singer, PhD, LCSW, Host of The Social Work Podcast and Associate Professor at Loyola University Chicago School of Social Work 01/10/2019
209 Primary Care Is an Investment. The Rest of Health Care Is a Payment, With Jed Constantz, DBA 01/03/2019
21 Different Views on How to Drive Value in Health Care—Disruption vs Incrementalism 12/20/2018
208 It Takes Physician Leadership and Vision to Operationalize Value-Based Care, With Eric Weaver, SVP, Strategy and Transformation at Innovista 12/13/2018
207 Disrupt or Be Disrupted, With A.G. Breitenstein, Partner at Optum Ventures 12/06/2018
206 Turns Out, High-Deductible Plans Don’t Drive High-Quality, Cost-Effective Health Care, With Ashok Subramanian, CEO and Founder of Centivo 11/29/2018
56 How Convenience Becomes Adherence, With TJ Parker From PillPack 11/22/2018
20 Can Pharma and IDNs Collaborate? A Conversation With Stacey Richter and Dave Dierk, Co-Presidents at Aventria Health Group 11/15/2018
205 The Cost and Quality Impact of Mistreating Millennial CEOs of Health Care, With Maya Dusenbery, Journalist and Author of Doing Harm 11/08/2018
204 Population Health, One Step at a Time, With Virginia Gurley, MD, MPH, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at AxisPoint Health 11/01/2018
203 Some Radical Common Sense About Listening to Patients, With Greg Makoul, Founder and CEO of PatientWisdom 10/25/2018
202 The P&L of Value-Based Care, With Frazer Buntin, President of Value-Based Services at Evolent Health 10/18/2018
201 What’s the Right Diagnosis and the Right Treatment, With Clint Phillips, Founder of 2nd.MD and Medici 10/11/2018
200 Shenanigans to Deny Coverage for Evidence-Based Treatments, With Stacey Worthy, Partner at DCBA Law & Policy 10/04/2018
6 1400 Health System Health Care Services Deals, With James Nicholls of Fitzroy Health 10/02/2018
199 The Unrealized Value Hidden Inside Some Health Systems, With James Nicholls of Fitzroy Health 09/27/2018
198 The Trend Toward Direct-to-Employer ACOs, With Eric Parmenter, National Leader of Value-Based Care at Collective Health 09/20/2018
197 The Debut of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Health Care, With Brian Peet, President of MediSolutions 09/13/2018
196 Advocating for Diabetes Advocacy, With Kelly Close, Founder of the diaTribe Foundation and dQ&A 09/06/2018
19 The Power of the Patient’s Choice, With Crane Stavig, Garden Designer, Patient, and Consumer 08/30/2018
195 PEnTech Triple Play: Above the Brand, Patient Centricity, and the Schism Between Pharma and Start-ups 08/23/2018
194 Why Capturing Patient Reported Outcomes Makes a Whole Lot of Sense, With Dyan Bryson of Inspired Health Strategies 08/16/2018
193 The Data of 1 Million Americans, With Edith P. Mitchell, MD, FACP, FCCP 08/09/2018
5 Today vs the Day All of the HMOs Crashed and Burned, With Alex Jung, Partner and Managing Director in Parthenon-EY 08/07/2018
192 Desperately Seeking Patient Centricity within the Current Health Care Ecosystem, with Don Lee of The #HCBiz Show! and President of Glide Health IT and Stacey Richter, Co-President of Aventria Health Group and Host of Relentless Health Value 08/02/2018
4 Co-pays, Contracts, and the ‘Knives’ That Are Out for PBMs, With John Gorman 07/31/2018
191 Telehealth Industry Updates, With Nate Lacktman, Partner at Foley & Lardner LLP and Chair of the Telemedicine Industry Team 07/26/2018
190 The Dramatic Impact of Medicare Pay-for-Value, With John Gorman from Gorman Health Group 07/19/2018
189 We’ve Reached the Tipping Point, with Alex Jung, Global Strategist at Ernst & Young 07/12/2018
18 The Podcast on Podcasts, with Alex Akers and Sean Erreger 07/05/2018
188 Lifting Pharma Credibility and Trustworthiness With Certified Medical Affairs Teams, With Dr. William Soliman 06/28/2018
187 Pharmacists, MTM, and the Opioid Crisis, With Sandra Leal of SinfoníaRx and Todd Eury of the Pharmacy Podcast Network and New Season 06/21/2018
186 The Only Way to Pay Less for Health Care Is to Pay Less for Health Care, With David Contorno 06/14/2018
185 How to Be Patient-centric, Not Clinical Trial–centric, With Pablo Graiver, CEO and Founder of Antidote 06/07/2018
184 Is Direct Primary Care the Answer? With Dr. Alex Lickerman, Founder and CEO of ImagineMD 05/31/2018
17 The Essential Ingredient for a Successful Pharma EHR Strategy 05/24/2018
183 Hidden Health Care Costs With Joe Murad, President and CEO of PokitDok 05/17/2018
182 Roadmap to Employer Innovation, With Renya Spak, MPH, Partner at Mercer’s Center for Health Innovation 05/10/2018
181 Addiction Is a Chronic Illness, With Lipi Roy, MD 05/03/2018
180 Fragmented Health Care Data Doesn’t Work for Empowered Patients, With Tatyana Kanzaveli, CEO of Open Health Network 04/26/2018
179 Getting to the Center of Patient Centricity, With Anne C. Beal, MD, MPH from Sanofi 04/19/2018
178 The Evolving Role of the Chief Information Officer, With Sue Schade, Principal at StarBridge Advisors 04/12/2018
177 Blockchain Revealed, With Cyrus Maaghul, Founder and CEO of HealthCombix and Co-founder of PointNurse 04/05/2018
3 Roy Rosin’s Health Care Innovation Reading List 04/03/2018
176 Why We Think We’re Getting Good Health Care, When We Aren’t, With Dr. Robert Pearl, Author and former CEO of the Permanente Medical Group. Co-hosted by Stacey Richter and Alex Akers 03/29/2018
175 A Market Access Oncology Trend Report, With David Guy and Paul Pochtar From Aventria 03/22/2018
174 Real World Data vs Real World Evidence, With Julie Locklear From Genesis Research 03/15/2018
173 Artificial Intelligence vs Clicking Around in EHRs, With Wayne Crandall From NoteSwift 03/08/2018
172 The Convergence of Payers and Providers – A Critical Step Forward, Fraught With Challenges, With John Moore, CEO and Founder of Chilmark Research 03/01/2018
171 Practical Advice About Practical Innovation, With John Lynn, Founder of HealthcareScene.com and the Health IT Expo 02/22/2018
170 Health Care Value, Guaranteed, With Eric Haberichter, co-founder of Access HealthNet 02/15/2018
169 Trust + Engagement = Employers Driving Patient Outcomes, With Darren White, DC From Aduro 02/08/2018
168 The Health Care Consumerism Tipping Point With Gary Frazier of Om Healthcare 02/01/2018
167 How Pharma Can Work With Health Innovators to Improve Outcomes and Strengthen Brands With Stacey Richter and Dave Dierk, Co-Presidents of Aventria Health Group 01/25/2018
166 How to Optimize Pharmacy Spend With Tim Thomas of Crystal Clear Rx 01/18/2018
165 Reversing Rising Maternal Mortality, with Juan Pablo Segura 01/11/2018
2 Jennifer E. Miller, PhD, Reports Back on the Good Pharma Scorecard 2017 01/09/2018
164 The Missing Link to Realize the Potential of Technology, with Kyra Bobinet, MD MPH 01/04/2018
16 It’s Fragile, That’s My 2017 Roll-up of the Health Care Industry 12/21/2017
163 Employers and Health Systems Partnering Up to Deliver Health Care at Lower Costs, With Ross Bjella 12/14/2017
162 Carving Out Specialty Drug Benefits With Pramod John, PhD, CEO at Vivio Health 12/07/2017
161 Cutting Through the Blockchain Hype, With Erik Pupo From Accenture 11/30/2017
15 Who Exactly Is a Healthcare Consumer? 11/23/2017
160 Eliminating Prescription Errors with MedAware CEO & Co-Founder, Gidi Stein, MD, PhD 11/16/2017
159 Medical Storytelling in Pursuit of Patient Outcomes, with Dhruv Khullar, MD 11/09/2017
158 What if Amazon Decides to Break into the Pharmacy Business? Four Sticky Challenges and a Major Upside, with Pramod John PhD, CEO at Vivio Health 11/02/2017
157 Major Improvements in Oncology Outcomes When Patients Self-Report Symptoms, with Ethan Basch, Oncologist and Director of Cancer Outcomes Research at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 10/26/2017
156 Letting HIEs Sweat the Interoperability Uphill Battle – At Least in the Short Term, with Don Lee from Glide Health IT & the HCBiz Show Podcast 10/19/2017
155 The Connection Between Empathy and Successful Business Models with Scott Barclay, Partner at Data Collective 10/12/2017
154 The What and How of Evidence Based Medicine, with Alex Akers, VP of HealthCatalyst 10/05/2017
153 A Failure to Communicate in Healthcare, with Michael Kendzierski of Spok 09/28/2017
152 American Style Value Frameworks with Leela Barham, Health Economist 09/21/2017
151 Employers say, “Show Me the Money I’m Spending on Health Care,” with Mike Dendy, Vice Chairman & CEO of Advanced Medical Pricing Solutions 09/14/2017
150 Is it Possible for a Payer to Improve Star Ratings using MTM (Medication Therapy Management), with Lisa Erwin, VP of Clinical Strategies at Aventria Health Group 09/07/2017
1 Defining Attribution with Dr. Michael Hunt, CEO and President of St. Vincent Health Partners & Chief Information Officer for St. Vincent Medical Center 09/05/2017
14 What if Amazon Contracted Directly with Employers and Rebooted Healthcare Delivery? 08/31/2017
149 Overpaying for Healthcare vs Full-Day Kindergarten & Raises for Teachers, with Richard Steinhart, Former School Board Officer 08/24/2017
148 Does It Really Matter If The Pharma Industry Is Or Is Not Trustworthy, with Dr. Jennifer Miller, Founder of Bioethics International and Creator of Good Pharma Scorecard 08/17/2017
147 What It Really Takes to Manage Diabetes with David Weingard, Founder & CEO of Fit4D 08/10/2017
146 Medication Adherence – What’s Happening Right Now, with Tom Kottler, CEO of HealthPrize 08/03/2017
145 Engaging the Empowered Patient Unit, with Andrew Schorr, Founder of Patient Power 07/27/2017
144 Value-Based Agreements – The Future of Managing Our Healthcare Ecosystem with Julie Locklear, Vice President & Head of Health Economics & Outcomes Research at EMD Serono, Inc. 07/20/2017
143 Getting Great One Step at a Time Through Incrementalism, with Dr. Nick van Terheyden 07/13/2017
142 Finding the Healthcare Use Case with Brian Yarnell from Bluestream Health 07/06/2017
13 Immediate Action Steps You Can Take Now to Make Healthcare More Affordable 06/29/2017
141 It’s Hard to Prescribe Specialty Drugs with Lorrie Carr from ZappRx 06/22/2017
140 The Innovation and Disruption of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare with Sajid Ahmed 06/15/2017
139 How do you Lead Innovation with Roy Rosin, Chief Innovation Officer at U of PA, Penn Medicine 06/08/2017
138 A Science-Based Strategy for Patient Engagement with Andrea LaFountain, CEO of Mind Field Solutions Corporation 06/01/2017
12 Single Payer vs Consumerism, Healthcare Costs vs Insurance Costs – A Book Report (Inbetweenisode) 05/25/2017
137 Rethinking Hospital Discharge Planning in a Value-Based Model with Josh Luke, FACHE- The Voice of American Healthcare, Healthcare Futurist 05/18/2017
136 Innovating to Reduce Costs with David Westfall Bates, MD from Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Boston) 05/11/2017
135 Get Future-Proof, What You Need to be Doing Now with David Smith, Chief Development Officer of Leavitt Partners 05/04/2017
134 Stepwise Behavior Change with Melissa McCool, Co-founder and CEO of StelliCare 04/27/2017
133 A Primer in Taking on Risk with Michael Hunt, DO, CEO & President of St. Vincent Health Partners, Inc, Chief Information Officer for St. Vincent Medical Center 04/20/2017
132 How A Hospital Can Succeed in Rural America with Darren Pearce, MBA, BSN, Vice President of Ambulatory Services at Navicent Health 04/13/2017
131 The Challenge of Reaching Patients with Zach Silverzweig from CipherHealth 04/06/2017
130 A How-to Guide to Precision Medicine with Jonathan Hirsch of Syapse 03/30/2017
129 Integrating Pharmacists into Patient-Centered Medical Homes with Troy Trygstad of Community Care of North Carolina, CCNC 03/23/2017
128 Enabling Pharmaceutical Innovation with Mike Rea from IDEA Pharma 03/16/2017
127 The ins and outs of Providers becoming Payer/Providers with Kris Smith, MD MPP and Chief Medical Officer of CareConnect, Sr VP of PHM, and Medical Director of Northwell Health Solutions 03/09/2017
126 Cleaning Up Dirty Data, with Eric Rosow from Diameter Health 03/02/2017
125 Linking Healthcare Innovation and Organizational Strategy, with Chris Cornue from Navicent Health 02/23/2017
124 Why EHR Systems Have Failed Us and How Innovations Can Enable a Better Healthcare Future, with John Lynn, founder of Healthcare Scene 02/16/2017
123 The Secret to Healthcare Business Success is Collaboration with Mark Tomaino from Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe 02/09/2017
122 The Pathway to Sustainable Market Share for Pharma, and Other Life Sciences Companies with Dave Dierk of Aventria Health Group 02/02/2017
121 How to Manage Safe Bets in a Time of Uncertainty and Complexity with Sherri Douville from Medigram 01/26/2017
120 The Invisible Destroyer of Value & Quality with Dr. Dike Drummond, MD – The Happy MD 01/19/2017
119 Fostering Problem-Solver Nurses and Maker Nurses w/Jamie Davis of NursingShow.com 01/12/2017
118 Improving Health in Healthy Communities with Rick Brush of Wellville 01/05/2017
11 Motivating Walking: The More Miles Driven, The More Weight Gained 12/22/2016
Five Reasons the ACA Won’t Be Repealed with Billy Wynne of Thorn Run Partners 12/15/2016
117 The Health Impact of Artificial Intelligence with Michelle Snyder from Welltok 12/08/2016
116 Hooking Up Healthcare Innovators and Customers with Laurance Stuntz from the Massachusetts eHealth Institute 12/01/2016
10 Health Insurance is not Healthcare. Healthcare is not Health. 11/24/2016
115 Marketing Advice for Providers with Lonnie Hirsch from Hirsch Healthcare Consulting 11/17/2016
114 Improving Patient Experience is Heavy Lifting with Paul Rosen, MD, MPM, and MMM, of Nemours Children’s Hospital 11/10/2016
113 Not Patient Engagement with Jan Oldenburg 11/03/2016
112 Mentor the Inventor with Michael Sinsheimer from Medtech Catalyst 10/27/2016
111 Costly Breakthroughs in Oncology and How Payers Will Adapt with David Guy from Aventria Health Group 10/20/2016
110 When Providers Become Providers of Population Health with Rich Lipeles from The Heritage Group 10/13/2016
109 The financial underbelly of employer-sponsored health insurance with Vincent Esposito from Endeavor Plus 10/06/2016
108 Making the Most of Emergency Department Visits with Chris Klomp from Collective Medical Technologies 09/29/2016
107 Dave Chase and Healthcare’s Big Heist 09/22/2016
106 MACRA and Other Ways to Make Money with Eric Levin from McKesson Business Performance Services 09/15/2016
105 Finding the Pharmacy Fit with Todd Eury from the Pharmacy Podcast 09/08/2016
9 Finding The Best Problem 09/01/2016
104 The Upside and Barriers to Getting Pharmacists in the Loop with Jerry Fahrni, Pharmacy Informatics Consultant 08/25/2016
103 Engaging Employees with Jonathan Ozeran from Zest Health 08/18/2016
102 What Does It Mean To Disrupt Healthcare with Anand Iyer from WellDoc 08/11/2016
101 What It Takes To Be A Physician Entrepreneur with Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA – President and CEO of Society of Physician Entrepreneurs 08/04/2016
100 An Insider’s Look at MTM with Blair Thielemier from Pharmapreneur Academy and Co-Host of Pharmacy Podcast 07/28/2016
99 Readmissions and Mental Health with Lauren Szewcyk from Mindoula 07/21/2016
98 The Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum Tackles Drug-Seeking Behavior with Cindy Munn 07/14/2016
97 Managing Populations for Beginners and Experts with Renee Petrie from DatStat 07/07/2016
8 9 Tips To Be A Better Podcast Guest 06/30/2016
96 Leveling Up Hospital Rounding with Dr. Greg Sanders from HybridChart 06/23/2016
95 The Missing Link to Interoperability, A Conversation with Jason Rose About the Inovalon and Quest Joint Venture, Data Diagnostics 06/16/2016
94 Bridging the Canyon Between Clinical Decision Making and EHR Systems with Noah Weiner, CEO of Avhana 06/09/2016
93 News About Telehealth After Discharge with Ted Spooner, CEO of Respondwell 06/02/2016
7 Healthcare, The Third Wave: What’s Critical For Pharma Strategy with Dave Dierk, Aventria Health Group Co-President 05/26/2016
92 The Race For Patient Outcomes with Eric Grossman from NextHealth 05/19/2016
91 Choosing Better Healthcare Outcomes with Matt Darling from Ideas42 05/12/2016
90 Staying in Touch Outside the Office Visit with Dr. Soheil Saadat, Ph.D. from GenieMD and Friendly 05/05/2016
89 Can EHRs Deliver Quality Improvements with Max Stroud from Galen Healthcare Solutions 04/28/2016
88 Where Can You Learn How To Turn Evidence Into Better Outcomes with Dr. Lisa Simpson from Academy Health 04/21/2016
87 A Look Behind The Curtain At Chronic Care Management with James Grant of CareSync 04/14/2016
86 The New Patient Advocacy Super Group You Should Know About with Mary Richards from Partners For Better Care 04/07/2016
85 How To Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing When It Comes To Preventing Readmissions with Dr. Andrey Ostrovsky from Care At Hand 03/31/2016
84 Do Pharmacies With Stagnant Business Models Have Cause To Fear, with Troy Trygstad, VP of Pharmacy Programs at CCNC 03/24/2016
83 Is It Possible To Collaborate With A PBM Outside Of Drug Contracting? with Lisa Erwin of Aventria Health Group 03/17/2016
82 Putting A Finger On What Really Matters with William Heisel from IHME, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation 03/10/2016
81 How Much Will A Patient Pay for A Drug with AJ Loiacano from Truveris 03/03/2016
80 How to Start Getting Paid for Value with Tom Gregorio from NJII – The New Jersey Innovation Institute 02/25/2016
79 Evidence-Based Treatment for Social Determinants of Health with Manik Bhat of Healthify 02/18/2016
78 How to Stop Torturing Patients with Piles of Paper Forms – David Perez from Seamless Medical Systems 02/11/2016
77 Achieving Better Health Outcomes with Jeff Scott of DHS Group 02/04/2016
76 The Realities of Hooking Up Patients to Their Health Information, Bob Janacek from DataMotion Explains 01/28/2016
75 How Symptom Checkers Improve PCP Quality and Efficiency, with Dr. Richard Munassi of Doc Response 01/21/2016
74 What Healthcare Organizations Need To Succeed with Dave Chase of Healthfundr and Cascadia Capital 01/14/2016
73 How Healthcare Organizations Can Prevent Reactive Fire Drills, with Chris Cornue from Sg2 01/07/2016
6 Things I Figured Out in 2015 Hosting the Relentless Health Value Podcast, and Last Episode of the Year Wrap Up 12/24/2015
72 Patient Portal Engagement – How To Get It with Lenny Tambasco of Access My Records 12/17/2015
71 How to Coordinate Care for Residents Who May or May Not be Patients with Asif Khan from CareMerge 12/10/2015
70 Which patients are the right patients to help the most, with Annette Dubard from CCNC 12/03/2015
5 6 Lessons to Stay in Business for 22 Years 11/26/2015
69 How To Reap The Value From An HIE with Dr. Jan Lee of Delaware Health Information Exchange 11/19/2015
68 All My HIE And HISP Questions Answered By Teresa Rivera of Utah Health Information Network 11/12/2015
67 The Key To Healthcare Business Success With Danyell Jones from BHM Healthcare Solutions 11/05/2015
66 When End-Of-Life Care Isn’t Careful, With Dr. Blaine Warkentine, Founder of Caregoals.com and Vimty 10/29/2015
65 The Collaboratory Of New York With Anuj Desai of the NYeHealth Collaborative 10/22/2015
64 Show Me The Value–Pharma’s Quest To Capture And Communicate The Value Drugs Deliver with Paul Pochtar 10/15/2015
63 A Better Way to Invest in Healthcare with Trevor Price from Oxeon Holdings 10/08/2015
62 What you need to know about HIEs with Laura Adams from the RI Quality Institute 10/01/2015
61 What you need to know about Patient Registries with Kyle Brown from PatientCrossroads 09/24/2015
60 The Big Problem with Diagnostic Test Results, with Dr. Brian Gale from SaferMD 09/17/2015
59 Avoiding Paralysis by Analysis with Chris Bloomer from Trexin 09/10/2015
4 4 Tips to Deal with Overwhelming Options 09/03/2015
58 Preventing Non-Adherence with Dr. Josh Benner, founder of RxAnte 08/27/2015
57 The payer-provider hook up with John Seitz from UST Global 08/20/2015
56 How Convenience Becomes Adherence. TJ Parker from PillPack Explains 08/13/2015
55 The Internet of You, Big Data Style. Geraldine Gueron from Datadonors 08/06/2015
54 Coordinating Uncoordinated Referrals with Dr. Adam Sharp from Par8o 07/30/2015
53 How to Deliver House Calls – Toby Hervey from Pager 07/23/2015
52 How to manage the backend of home visits with Dr. Sahba Ferdowsi from Medicast 07/16/2015
51 What you Need to know about Specialty Pharmacy & Biosimilars – Ray Rede from Armada Health Care explains 07/09/2015
3 How to Find Your Healthcare Product’s Value 07/02/2015
50 The Evolving SNF (Skilled Nursing Facility) – Joshua Jacobs from Windsor Healthcare Communities 06/25/2015
49 Making the Most of Provider Time with Jeff Peres from Everseat. 06/18/2015
48 Actual Medication Management and Reconciliation with Pat Meisner from Actual Meds 06/11/2015
47 Finding a Better Doctor with Ari Tulla from Better Doctor 06/04/2015
46 Shared Decision Making with Shub Degupta from WiserTogether 05/28/2015
45 Bridging Healthcare Supply & Demand with Brian Yarnell from Blue Stream Health 05/21/2015
44 Jake Sattelmair from Wellframe on Individualizing Population Health 05/14/2015
43 Payers Engaging Patients, with Frank Hone from Healthx 05/07/2015
42 Personalizing Healthcare with Jeff Ruby from Newtopia 04/30/2015
41 Connecting the Dots to Better Healthcare with Zach Silverzweig from CipherHealth 04/23/2015
40 Jackie Thong from KlioHealth on Managing Multiple Chronic Conditions 04/16/2015
39 David Womack, President & CEO of Practice Management Institute, talks about Medical Coding 04/09/2015
38 Sarah Welch from Noom discusses Engaging Pre-Diabetic Patients 04/02/2015
37 Ethan Steininger from ComparedCare talks Healthcare Price Transparency 03/26/2015
36 Jerrit Tan from Canopy Apps on the Language Barrier to Outcomes 03/19/2015
35 Martin Trussell from Acclaris talks about Consumer-Driven Healthcare 03/12/2015
34 Dr. Benji Jack talks about Reducing E.R. Readmissions 03/05/2015
33 Josh Fieldman from RubiconMD on Empowering the PCP 02/26/2015
32 Kevin Houlihan from Propeller Health on Tuning up the Care for COPD and Asthma Patients 02/19/2015
31 Dr. Ashish Atreja discusses the Sinai App Lab 02/12/2015
30 Dr. Robert Stall on Systematizing Senior Care 02/05/2015
29 Salim Kizaraly from Stella Technology on the Technology of Collaboration — HIEs Past and Present 01/29/2015
28 How to improve Patient Satisfaction with Sonni Mun, MD from Quality Reviews 01/22/2015
27 Dr. Glen McCracken from eVisit talks about virtual video visits 01/15/2015
26 Bernie Vitti from PharmaCare talks about Medication Therapy Management (MTM) 01/08/2015
2 Big Thank You to You, Our Listeners & 2014 Wrap Up 12/26/2014
25 Exchanging Medical Records with Carly Stockdale from ChartRequest 12/18/2014
24 Innovating in a Time Machine with Mark Hurwich from Concentrated Coaching 12/11/2014
23 Wireless Pill Bottles with Josh Stein from AdhereTech 12/04/2014
NYEC DHC14 & Happy Thanksgiving! 11/26/2014
22 Fixing First Fills with Trond Waerness from MedVantx 11/20/2014
21 Trust Requires Collaboration with Charlie Green from Trusted Advisor Associates 11/13/2014
20 Talking about Direct Subscription Models with Ali Zaman from Docsap 11/06/2014
19 The Role of Hospital Trustees with Bina Eggensperger 10/30/2014
18 What would Albert Einstein Do? Karen Phelan from Operating Principals 10/23/2014
17 The History of Health Economics with Patti Peeples from HealthEconomics.com 10/16/2014
16 Seeing Better Patient Outcomes with Google Glass – Kyle Samani from Pristine 10/09/2014
15 Designing for Better Health Outcomes with Gail Zahtz from Senserit 10/02/2014
14 Healthcare Change means Provider Change – Jason Brooks from The Private Practice Consultant 09/25/2014
13 Fixing Healthcare with Pete Sheldon from Opus Science 09/18/2014
12 Finding Value of Innovation – Dr. Adam C. Powell of Payer+Provider Syndicate 09/11/2014
11 Virtual Patient Visits with Robert White from GoGoHealth 09/04/2014
10 The Evolving EHR – Matt Beer from Hello Health 08/28/2014
9 Demystifying the GPO with Mike Motto 08/21/2014
8 Level Up with Pharmacists – Mark Conklin from PQS 08/14/2014
7 Innovate with Jeneanne Rae from Motiv Strategies 08/07/2014
6 How to find appropriate patients with John Feldman from Applied Pathways 07/31/2014
5 Pick your Population with Stan Berkow from Sense Health 07/24/2014
4 How Agencies Can Deliver Real Value with Dr. Leo Francis 07/17/2014
3 Kent Dicks of Alere Connect 07/10/2014
2 Be Authentic with Michael Kuderka 07/02/2014
1 Talking about seniors and big data with Robert Herzog from eCaring 06/21/2014