“EP192: Desperately Seeking Patient Centricity within the Current Health Care Ecosystem, with Don Lee of The #HCBiz Show! and President of Glide Health IT and Stacey Richter, Co-President of Aventria Health Group and Host of Relentless Health Value”
by Stacey Richter

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This episode is a bit different, and it’s a bit longer than our normal episodes. Don Lee from The #HCBiz Show! and President of Glide Health IT and I discuss trends in the health care industry. We kick around transparency, convergency, interoperability, algorithms, organizational dysfunction, but interestingly the conversation begins and ends with patient centricity.

Learn more about Don Lee and The #HCBiz Show!, a podcast at thehcbiz.com or by following Don on twitter @dflee30.

Don Lee
Don is an accomplished Health IT expert with a 20-year track record of driving value with technology.

Don began his career as a custom software developer and eventually built and lead a team of more than 30 engineers. Later he was a subject matter expert, product manager and head of sales and marketing for a digital health startup that launched a SaaS-platform focused on administrative simplification in health care.

Today, Don is president of Glide Health IT, LLC, a consulting firm that helps forward-looking organizations align their health IT and business strategies. The firm specializes in business and product development with a focus on data aggregation, interop, analytics and quality measurement.

Don is also the founder, co-host and executive producer of The #HCBiz Show!, a podcast dedicated to unraveling the business of health care.

Stacey Richter
When not hosting the show, Stacey is co-president of Aventria Health Group, a marketing agency and consultancy. Aventria specializes in helping pharmaceutical, employer, pharmacy, and health system clients improve patient outcomes by creating and leveraging collaborations with other health care organizations. For more than 20 years, Stacey has innovated better-coordinated health solutions benefiting all stakeholders, and, most of all, the patient.

01:30 The thought experiment: Having a conversation about the trends and topics Stacey and Don have encountered in their respective podcasts.
02:50 “My job is to basically be a translator.”—Stacey
03:50 EP179 with Dr. Anne Beal–The Notion of Patient Centricity.
04:50 Starting with a common language around common terms in health care.
05:50 The idea of convergence.
06:40 Patient centricity and collaboration.
09:20 Thinking about transparency.
11:10 “There are certain changes which are imminent.”—Stacey
16:25 “Health care is really no different than any other business.”—Don
20:05 “Data is valuable.”—Stacey
20:40 “It’s kind of normal to share.” – Don
21:25 “How do we create environments where it’s safe to share?”—Don
22:35 “The industry loves regulation.”—Stacey
27:40 Focusing on the entire customer experience.
29:20 EP189 with Alex Jung.
31:20 “The challenges are now defined by the knows and the don’t knows.”—Stacey
33:35 Flipping the model to be “clinician centric.”
39:00 Getting the model right.
41:00 “It’s not technology that’s going to change the world, it’s gonna be good technology.”—Stacey
41:35 Diabetes care as a positive example of technology improving health care.
52:00 “What’s the economic model that stops that way of thinking?”—Don
52:45 EP183 with Joe Murad.
54:10 “What’s the feedback loop?”—Don
56:00 Learn more about Don Lee and The #HCBiz Show!, a podcast at thehcbiz.com or by following Don on twitter @dflee30.

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