“Episode 60: The Big Problem with Diagnostic Test Results, with Dr. Brian Gale from SaferMD”
by Stacey Richter

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Brian GaleBrian Gale, MBA MD,  is a New York City radiologist. He has authored several papers and presentations on Critical Test Results Management (CTRM) systems.  He founded SaferMD to reduce the risks of to diagnostic test results communications failure. He has developed a system to confirm that such test result notification programs are used effectively.  Dr. Gale graduated from Columbia Business School and SUNY Buffalo School of Medicine. He is a past president of the Brooklyn Radiological Society.

Email: brian.gale@safermd.com
Website: www.safermd.com
Facebook: SaferMD
Twitter: @SaferMD

00:00 Brian explains what SaferMD is.
02:00 Brian provides some examples of issues of neglect with diagnostics and critical values.
04:35 Brian discusses how common these malpractice instances are.
05:16 *The data evaluated by SaferMD is from the National Practitioner Databank, maintained by HHS, not the NIH.
05:45 How these miscommunications with diagnostics occur.
06:30 Brian’s decision to combat this issue, and how he came up with the idea for SaferMD.
08:50 How SaferMD is vendor neutral, in order to maintain a non-bias viewpoint in monitoring test result notifications.
11:00 Why less urgent notifications are more likely to do the most damage to patients by falling through the cracks.
12:50 What a SaferMD report looks like.
15:40 How SaferMD verifies that physicians have received and read each report sent to them.
16:30 How does a closed-loop system work for hospital systems moving lab results over to physicians and clinicians.
20:00 Why clinicians are wary of this system because of message fatigue.
21:05 How a CTRM system is different because the system is human based, not automated.
24:30 The “Triple-Win” of SaferMD.
26:50 HHS and the Blue Button Initiative that allows patients direct access to their lab results.
29:00 How the Clinician has a lot of decision power within the SaferMD system.
32:50 For more information, check out SaferMD.com, or info@safermd.com or brian.gale@safermd.com.

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