“Episode 44: Jake Sattelmair from Wellframe on Individualizing Population Health”
by Stacey Richter

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Jake SattelmairJacob is the CEO and co-founder of Wellframe. His work and expertise lie at the intersection of healthcare, technology, data analytics and consumer engagement. He was previously Product Manager at RunKeeper, a leading mobile/web health and fitness platform. Prior to that, Jacob was the Director of Research and Strategy at Dossia, an employer driven health IT initiative. In 2011, he was named a Young Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum. He holds a doctorate in Epidemiology from the Harvard School of Public Health, where his research focused on lifestyle behaviors and cardiovascular health. He completed a Masters in Physiology, with distinction, at the University of Oxford (Exeter College) and holds a BA in Neurobiology, magna cum laude, from Harvard University.

00:00 Jake explains what Wellframe is.
01:35 How Wellframe gathers real-time insight about patients to improve provider care.
03:40 How the Wellframe platform enables daily guidance for patients and daily insight for care managers.
05:00 Wellframe’s “task-shifting” technique to utilize the best of both human care and technology.
07:00 The “evolution” of thought that brought about Wellframe.
10:30 The first implementation of Wellframe in a clinical-use case.
13:15 How this implementation of Wellframe increased the level of patient adherence, and encouraged Wellframe to expand into more clinical areas and create a maintenance-type aspect of the platform.
14:45 The type of providers Wellframe typically works with.
15:50 How Wellframe thinks about the use of technology when improving care and their platform.
17:30 How Wellframe provides a solution for social determinants.
18:00 The opportunities that Wellframe offers for patients who struggle with self-management, but fall in between readmission and recovery.
20:00 The challenge of working with socially vulnerable populations.
21:45 How Wellframe codifies multiple areas of care management so that patients with complex cases can still find the care they need.
26:50 “It’s not the technology making the decisions as to what care the patient gets; we have a clinical team to confer on the content, programs, and rules governing what gets delivered.”
28:00 You can go to wellframe.com to find out more information.

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