“Episode 39: David Womack, President & CEO of Practice Management Institute, talks about Medical Coding”
by Stacey Richter

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David Womack

David joined PMI in 1991 as the Director of Marketing. He has served in various business development roles, spending time cultivating relationships with hospitals and health care systems across the country. Prior to joining PMI, he worked with Control-O-Fax, a company that specialized in time-saving solutions and office systems for the medical practice. It was in this role that David gained insight into the importance of proper systems and training for the success of the practice.

Company website: http://www.pmiMD.com 

PMI National Conference: http://www.pmiMD.com/ncsa15 (More information about the National Conference)

Facebook: Facebook.com/pmiMD

Practice Management Institute’s Twitter – @pmiMD
David Womack’s Twitter – @davidtwomack

Company Page: 
Group Page: https://www.linkedin.com/groups?home=&gid=4187078

00:00 David discusses his years in the training and education space, and how he became the president and CEO of PMI.
01:30 David explains what Practice Management Institute is, and how it is a training and education company for healthcare practices.
02:15 David discusses the importance of coding as “the language of healthcare.”
03:00 What is diagnostic coding, what is procedural coding, and what the difference is.
04:00 How both of these codes relate to payers.
06:15 The difficulties in the subtleties of diagnostic coding and how it is so important to code things exactly right the first time.
09:45 The good and bad within the systems that practices are using and the universality of the coding language.
14:30 The evolution of diagnostic coding and evidence-based medicine.
15:00 How coding and data collection are playing a part in the payment method changes within healthcare.
20:00 The need for providers who understand the new coding system at a much deeper level.
23:20 How patients become part of a group that is designated “High Risk”.
25:00 How providers make sure that all of the gears, so to speak, fall in line to get proper reimbursement.
26:20 The importance of coordination between everyone involved within a healthcare practice in light of changing payment systems.
27:30 You can learn more at PMIMD.com.

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