“EP141: It’s Hard to Prescribe Specialty Drugs with Lorrie Carr from ZappRx”
by Stacey Richter

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It’s kind of a hot mess, this whole process of getting a patient a specialty drug in a timely fashion. Today I speak with Lorrie Carr from ZappRx. Lorrie breaks down the complexities and explains the approach ZappRx has taken to straighten out the workflow for providers and gather new data for Pharma.

Lorrie Carr joined ZappRx in April 2016 as Chief Commercial Officer. She has over 20 years’ experience in the health care industry – primarily focused in the pharma/biotech and specialty pharmacy industries. Just prior to joining ZappRx, Ms. Carr was the Divisional VP of Enterprise Specialty Sales and Product Management for Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy. Ms. Carr transformed the strategy, operations and deployment of the over 300-person Specialty and Infusion sales teams resulting in consistent double-digit year over year growth for the multi-billion-dollar business. In addition, she created, built and successfully led the product management team which developed and executed on growth strategies for high priority specialty disease areas. Prior to Walgreens, Ms. Carr was the Head of U.S. / Global Market Access for Millennium Pharmaceuticals (now Takeda Oncology) where she built the first Reimbursement & Market Access team for the company, advised global R&D on access related trial design decisions, led the European patient access strategy, and played a material role in developing pricing, contracting, distribution and patient assistance program strategies for pipeline and marketed products. She started her pharmaceutical career at Schering-Plough (now Merck) where she held various roles in account management, and ultimately, became a senior leader of the US Market Access marketing group. Ms. Carr received her Bachelor’s degree from Columbia College and holds her MBA from UMASS Isenberg School of Management.

00:00 Specialty Pharmaceutical Products.
02:30 Inefficiencies in the system.
04:00 The paper-fill process for Patient Prescription/Enrollment with Specialty Pharmacies.
06:30 Enrollment Forms for prescription drugs filled at Specialty Pharmacies.
10:20 The overwhelming cost and administrative overhead for Providers having to keep track of all of these forms.
13:00 How the process changes for Providers with ZappRx.
19:00 Getting the drug out to the patient without conflict.
20:00 Double check for patients and Specialty Pharmacy.
22:00 Why ZappRx is collaborative, not competitive.
23:30 ZappRx’s work on the Provider side.
24:25 Gathering Data at the front-end of the prescribing process.
25:15 ZappRx’s long-term business model.
25:30 Missing Data in the healthcare and pharmacy markets.
27:45 Aggregating data and identifying trends.
28:30 ZappRx’s five key focus Disease Areas.
30:00 You can learn more about ZappRx at www.zapprx.com.

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