“Episode 121: How to Manage Safe Bets in a Time of Uncertainty and Complexity with Sherri Douville from Medigram”
by Stacey Richter

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Sherri Douville brings over a decade in healthcare consulting, sales, marketing, and entrepreneurial experience to her leadership at Medigram.  She now serves as a frequent moderator and panel coach at Health IT conferences.  Prior to this, she founded a healthcare technology consulting practice.  Medigram is a mobile, intelligent enterprise solution for healthcare that enables clinicians to communicate securely and efficiently, with intelligent context and images wherever they are, via the Medigram iOS app, Android app, or web client.  As CEO for Medigram, Sherri has successfully planned and executed on the development, design, and build of the enterprise grade version platform Medigram 2.0, which is based on an independent, secure and scalable database.  This allows for the Medigram 2.0 platform to flexibly adapt to evolving healthcare business requirements.

Sherri has experience in over a dozen disease states from over 9 years in clinical sales at Johnson & Johnson. There she participated in the management development program, won a number of awards, and was recognized as an industry leader by Standard & Poor’s Vista Research Division while it was part of McGraw-Hill.

Sherri now serves on the Board for HIMSS Northern California where she is Co-Chair for the Innovation conference, Co-Chair for program panels, and contributes to the newsletter. She is an advisory board member for the National Bundled Payment Collaborative, serves as a member of Santa Clara University’s Board of Fellows, and as Co-Chair of the mentoring team at TiE’s (The Indus Entrepreneur) youth entrepreneurship program.  She earned her BS degree in Combined Sciences from Santa Clara University and two data analytics certificates through MIT.  Sherri recharges while exercising, reading, writing, and by spending time with her husband and friends cooking, hiking, and learning together.

President & CEO, Medigram, Inc.
Email: sherri@medigram.com






@SherriDouville @Medigram

00:00 How we should be thinking about ‘sure’ things.
03:00 Managing and focusing on underlying improvements that will stay the same, no matter what the end goal becomes.
03:45 Where bundled payments falls in the certain vs. uncertain future.
06:20 “If you don’t have information that’s stuck in silos, then there’s no possible way you can coordinate care.”
07:50 Possible name changes and delays, but why bundled payments will go on in some way, shape, or form.
09:30 Coordinating care across settings and having interoperability.
10:00 How Medigram makes all of these worries easier.
10:45 A Medigram use case.
11:45 How Medigram facilitates communication between care settings.
15:40 “Just because it works on a computer doesn’t mean it’s going to work on a mobile app.”
19:30 “It’s all about driving context.”
20:00 “The Digital Doctor,” by Robert M. Wachter.
22:50 Where a text in Medigram goes, and where it winds up.
27:00 Sherri gives some advice to potential health tech creators.
28:45 “To succeed in the current environment it’s important to be really specific.”
29:40 You can find out more information by searching Sherri Douville on LinkedIn and Medium.

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