“Episode 106: MACRA and Other Ways to Make Money with Eric Levin from McKesson Business Performance Services”
by Stacey Richter

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Eric Levin is a Strategic Services Director for McKesson’s Business Performance Services division, which provides value-based care solutions to both hospitals and physician groups. In this role, Eric focuses on comprehensive and strategic healthcare sales and business development. Eric has over 15 years of healthcare experience specializing in value-based reimbursement, technology and primary care strategy.  With McKesson, Eric led the advanced primary care team in creating payer and provider collaborations that resulted in successful pay-for-performance plans.  He also served an integral role in commercializing data warehouse and population health management platforms. Prior to McKesson, Eric held strategic sales roles at NueMD and FSC Pediatrics.

00:00 Delving into reimbursement.
02:00 Fitting into Alternative Payment Models and Value-Based Care.
03:00 How proactive providers, practices, and hospitals are now reaping the rewards of Value-Based Care.
04:00 MACRA, MIPS, and CPC+.
07:00 MACRA: MIPS and Alternative Payment Models
07:50 MIPS vs. Alternative Payment Models: What program you should be using.
08:20 What CPC+ is, and how it fits into the landscape of MACRA, MIPS, and Alternative Payment Models.
11:20 Revenue sources according to Payment Model.
13:00 Eric’s advice for making the most of transitioning Payment Models and understanding which program you should adopt.
14:00 Starting with Chronic Care Management or Managing Care Transitions.
15:30 The best strategy in approaching reimbursement.
17:00 Transitional Care Management.
18:00 Outsourcing care.
18:50 James Grant of CareSync – providing CCM Services, as does McKesson as well.
19:15 Eric’s insights into Providers’ and Payers’ geographic emphasis, and how this affects reimbursement.
21:00 How Health System mergers have affected reimbursement.
22:00 Payers becoming Providers and Providers becoming Payers.
24:15 Cost pressures for Payers.
25:30 Creating Bundled Payments.
26:00 Eric’s biggest piece of advice for Providers just starting to explore reimbursement options.
27:20 Eric’s main expertise as a consultant for McKesson.

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