“Episode 105: Finding the Pharmacy Fit with Todd Eury from the Pharmacy Podcast”
by Stacey Richter

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EURY_TODD_280In a career, being new to any industry especially healthcare isn’t easy. In June of 2004 Todd Eury left an eight year career in the telecommunications industry and entered the pharmacy technology sector as SoftWriter’s (FrameworkLTC pharmacy software for institutional pharmacies) first business development oriented employee. “It was a gamble for me”, Eury recounts, “being part of a national fortune 500 company like AT&T Business felt comfortable and making the jump to pharmacy software sales with a little privately owned company made me nervous, but excited.” Within Eury’s first year with SoftWriters the company doubled its customer base and within the next 3 years SoftWriters was positioned as the most innovative LTC Pharmacy Software company in the industry. “From there I wanted to do more, I wanted to help pharmacy owners leverage technology and understand other facets of their business which seemed mysterious. Marketing, drug purchasing, and new patient development were all parts of the business of pharmacy which seemed undefined. I wanted to help with more than just technology.”

Eury has worked with several pharmacy system developers like KeyCentrix, Inc., headquartered in Wichita Kansas and SuiteRx, Inc., with offices in Chicago and Fort Worth Texas. In March of 2009 Eury founded the Pharmacy Podcast Show, the first audio blog about the Business of #Pharmacy. The podcast is dedicated to the pharmacy profession. The Podcast is about good useable content, information, and innovative ideas that Eury believes will advance the pharmacy profession.  The podcast’s programming is developed Independent Retail, Compounding, Long-term Care, Specialty, Hospital Systems, and Small Chain Pharmacy Businesses. There’s a new podcast segment dedicated to patients, specialty pharmacy, and the business law of pharmacy too. The podcast is the only digital health audio blog dedicated to the business of pharmacy and assists its sponsors with business lead development from a myriad of digital strategies including html embed code which places the podcast audio player into the web-environment of the sponsor’s website.

“No other advertising tool or magazine in pharmacy uses this technique to drive business leads to an organization focused on pharmacy. Retail Management Solutions, Vuca Health, McKesson, Live Oak Bank, RxSafe, and dozen’s of other companies have benefited from the digital content through the Pharmacy Podcast Show.”

Based on healthcare analytics researcher Symplur, Eury is ranked as one of the most influential voices in the pharmacy space with a Twitter presence @PharmacyPodcast which is also about the Business of Pharmacy.  “Our followers respond to our tweets and links on aveage more than any other Twitter handle focused on the work “Pharmacy” and the hashtag #Pharmacy is tracked by Symplur and shows the effectiveness of our popularity and influence. Symplur is fascinating.”

Eury is the founder of LinkedIn Networking Group: “Pharmacy Professionals Network” reaching more than 25,000 participants discussing different topics centered in pharmacy. In 2011 Eury created a firebrand pharmacy buying group called PharmacyGPO which didn’t reach its potential before being sold in 2014 with partnership difficulties. PharmacyGPO experienced explosive growth of $144M sales and had search engine domination when the term pharmacy gpo was searched for by a operations director or owner. The pharmacy buying group also assisted its nearly 100 members with strategic marketing, technology consultancy, and different creative ways to develop new patients. Eury served 2 terms with the Pennsylvania Pharmacist Association as Board of Directors Industry Association Chair and has been published in Pharmacy Times through the podcast content engine since January 2015.

Eury’s newest venture is with Colonial Management Group which focuses on supporting physicians with all marketing, administrative, staffing, and business development with patient care services through their American Practice Support division which Eury will be leading as Director of Strategy. “I’m excited about this new venture and its ties into specialty pharmacy with different medications helping patients overcome the disease of addiction. Supporting the patients with HUB-like services is critical to sustainability and Colonial Management Group has over 25 years experience in helping clients suffering with addiction. I am proud to be a part of this national initiative.”

Eury is considering selling the Pharmacy Podcast Show to an established publication like Pharmacy Times or a strategic service unit of pharmacy business like Live Oak Bank. “I want to be sure the podcast continues and grows with co-host’s who bring immense intelligence to the podcast and help pharmacy business operators to deliver better patient care to our healthcare system. I won’t have the time to dedicate to the publication like I use to and since 2009 the listeners have grown to over 50,000+ – it’s a unique and needed digital publication.”

00:00 Talking Pharmacy and The Pharmacy Podcast.
02:30 Defining Specialty Pharmacy.
04:15 How a Community Pharmacy becomes a Specialty Pharmacy.
04:40 “It’s still really like the Wild West.”
05:30 What Avella Specialty Pharmacy is doing for Adherence in HIV patients.
07:00 Managing Multiple Disease States.
07:45 “Take what you’re good at, and run with it!”
09:00 How a Specialty Pharmacy develops a specific focus.
09:45 How changing data is closing windows for transformation quickly.
10:30 Why Benefits Investigation is critical.
11:40 Why Orlando, FL is the mecca of Specialty Pharmacies.
12:35 Why being a Specialty Pharmacy is becoming more complex.
14:20 The approval process for a Specialty Pharmacy.
15:30 How Amber Pharmacy has gone above and beyond in reporting patient data.
17:10 How weekly reporting and even daily reporting can not only help pharmacies understand their patients better, but can improve Payer models as well.
18:20 Helping patients with addiction.
19:50 Colonial Management Group.
20:30 Marrying Specialty Pharmacy with Addiction Recovery Treatment.
24:10 A Wrap-Around to a Provider, while also Dispensing Medication.
25:45 You can learn more information on LinkedIn and at pharmacypodcast.com.

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