“INBW 14: What if Amazon Contracted Directly with Employers and Rebooted Healthcare Delivery?”
by Stacey Richter

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I had lunch with Richard Steinhart (episode 149) last week and he said something that sparked my cantankerous streak – we were taking about incrementalism, the idea that we should move forward in baby steps, little experiments, fail fast, adjust, proceed forward from there. And Richard said, incrementalism, pshaw. We should just start over again. Let me just clarify one point – often, incrementalists are talking about finding a better intervention for treating or preventing something specific. Richard was speaking about how healthcare is delivered in the aggregate.

Stacey is co-president of Aventria Health Group, specializing in helping employer, pharmaceutical, device and pharmacy clients by creating partnerships with other health care organizations. For twenty years, Stacey has innovated better-coordinated health solutions benefiting all stakeholders, and most of all, the patient.

00:00 Incrementalism – Worth it?
01:51 “The CEO’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream: How to Deliver World-Class Healthcare to Your Employees at Half the Cost,” by Dave Chase.
02:25 What would Amazon do differently by building a System of Care?
03:15 Does our conviction about the current Healthcare System stop us from creating something better?
04:15 Divestiture Aversion – Why a Healthcare reboot isn’t such a bad idea.
11:00 “What are the ramifications if Amazon enters more deeply into that hybrid online-inperson space?”
12:45 How did we get where we are now? – Check out INBW13, INBW12, INBW10.
13:00 Only three stakeholders that have an invested interest in keeping Healthcare Value high: Employers, Taxpayers, and Consumers.
13:20 Large Employers as the only stakeholder with the power to make change in Healthcare.
16:50 Who is going to be behind such a reboot?
19:00 How onsite clinics might be the future and greatly benefit reducing healthcare costs.
20:00 The divorce of patient care and industry needs.
21:50 “Employers don’t just have skin in the game, they have entire bodyparts.”
22:50 “Employers have a larger call; healthcare is a means to an end for them.”

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