“EP167: How Pharma Can Work With Health Innovators to Improve Outcomes and Strengthen Brands With Stacey Richter and Dave Dierk, Co-Presidents of Aventria Health Group”
by Stacey Richter

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Today I speak with my co-president Dave Dierk from Aventria Health Group about pharmaceutical companies collaborating with health innovators—meaning health tech or otherwise. There have been many articles written about the prospect of such collaborations, often authored it seems by people who haven’t actually been involved in such an arrangement. So sometimes I giggle at the delta between the rose-colored version and the no-filter version, but at a minimum I can say that collaboration is the future and Pharma, just as much as any other stakeholder, would be well served get good at it.

Stacey is co-president/CEO of Aventria Health Group, specializing in helping employer, pharmaceutical, device, and pharmacy clients by creating partnerships with other health care organizations. For 20 years, Stacey has innovated better-coordinated health solutions benefiting all stakeholders, and most of all, the patient.

Dave is co-president/CEO of Aventria Health Group and president/CEO of Pinnacle Health Communications. He is a 27-year veteran of managed-markets marketing. After working in consumer marketing with AT&T and health care publishing with Elsevier, Dave made the move to medical advertising and communications at KI Lipton, Inc. Subsequently, he became a cofounder of Pinnacle. Dave is an accomplished strategist, providing innovative customer marketing, access, quality, and health intervention solutions for large clients and has directed the development of numerous industry-leading campaigns in primary care and specialty markets. He has supported clients in disease areas that include oncology (Bristol Myers Squibb [BMS], Novartis, Eisai), virology (BMS, Merck & Co.), pharmacy (American Pharmacists Association, Merck, Novartis), and blood disorders (Novo Nordisk), to name a few. Dave has helped more than 15 clients achieve top rankings in their respective categories. He is also an active member of the Pharmacy Quality Alliance.

00:00 The upsides of a partnership between a pharmaceutical company and an innovator.
04:00 “How do we improve patient outcomes?” “How do we improve the efficiency of the healthcare system?” “How do we leverage data?”
06:00 Nuances in health data.
07:15 Attributes that Pharma brings to the table when working with an innovator.
08:00 Building solutions.
11:00 How to make a “win-win” in a brand.
12:30 Growing impacts in a measurable and sustainable way.
12:50 Shared objectives.
14:00 Historical pharmaceutical business models.
17:40 What a successful pilot looks like.
21:45 Structuring pilot programs like minimal viable products.
23:40 Build something that will have a high degree of success or confidence for success.
23:50 “The object of the game would be to mid-course correct.”
25:30 “There has to be universal learnings that we’re picking up.”
25:50 The difference between a pilot and a study.
26:13 “You have to determine feasibility right upfront.”
26:36 Set success metrics.
27:45 “If you haven’t specified what success looks like, it’s really hard to be successful.”
33:45 You can learn more about Aventria Health Group at aventriahealth.com or by emailing david.dierk@aventriahealth.com.

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