“Episode 99: Readmissions and Mental Health with Lauren Szewcyk from Mindoula”
by Stacey Richter

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Lauren SzewcyzkAs Vice President of Case Management & Family Services, Lauren manages the virtual and in-person case management team at Mindoula Health (www.mindoula.com), a technology-enabled case management company at the forefront of the transformation of behavioral healthcare.  The first employee hired by Mindoula’s Founder & CEO, Steve Sidel, Lauren ensures that the Mindoula case management team delivers market leading behavioral health outcomes and reduced healthcare costs as it innovates in the areas of case management, collaborative care, and behavioral health population management. Lauren is a former Psychiatric Rehabilitation Counselor at O’Connor Associates, former Vocational and Residential Counselor for individuals with chronic mental illness at Cornerstone Montgomery (formerly St. Luke’s House), former Residential Counselor at an outpatient housing program associated with McLean Hospital, and peer support specialist.  Lauren holds a Masters Degree in Educational and Developmental Psychology from Boston College and Certifications from the Commission For Case Manager Certification and the International Traumatology Institute at the University of South Florida.
Lauren can be contacted at:

00:00 Reducing Hospital Readmission for Mental Illness.
01:00 Defining Mental Illness.
02:15 Prioritizing Patients.
02:45 The correlation between Patient Engagement and reduced Hospital Readmission rates.
07:30 Reducing barriers on follow-through for Hospital Discharge Plans.
09:30 “Case Management has been around forever, it’s how we deliver Case Management that’s radically different.”
12:15 Mindoula’s focus on Functional Assistance vs. Clinical Assistance.
15:25 How Mindoula is helping reduce Hospital Costs.
18:00 How Mindoula works with patients.
21:30 Engaging over text message.
22:00 How Case Management works in teams at Mindoula.
23:00 How Mindoula can service a high number of individuals.
23:30 Mindoula’s acquisition of Care At Hand.
24:15 Predicting Hospitalization Risk and Preventing Readmission.
25:00 Providing Valuable Information back to Providers.
25:25 You can learn more about Care At Hand in Podcast Episode 85.
25:30 Healthify – Episode 79 – and how their work to identify the best services to fill individual’s needs is like that of Mindoula’s services.
27:30 You can learn more at Mindoula.com and click “For Enterprise” if you are a Payer. You can also call 888.879.9786, or e-mail info@mindoula.com, or Lauren directly at lauren@mindoula.com

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