“Episode 89: Can EHRs Deliver Quality Improvements with Max Stroud from Galen Healthcare Solutions”
by Stacey Richter

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cMaxwell StroudMaxwell Stroud, MSW is a Lead Consultant in healthcare IT at with a professional background in both healthcare and social work. Max has been consulting in Health IT for over 8 years, primarily in the ambulatory space. She has worked with every aspect of health IT in ambulatory care including facilitating clinics through the transition from paper to electronic formats,supporting teams through major system-wide upgrades as well as add-on implementations and integration projects. Max has a passion for collaborative process and building processes that bring all stakeholders to the table to build systems that meet the needs of the business organization, the providers and the patients.

Max is an active blogger and participant in conversations about the future of health IT.
Blogs: http://blog.galenhealthcare.com/author/maxhenson-stroud/
Twitter: @MMaxwellStroud
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maxstroud
Galen Healthcare Solutions website: http://www.galenhealthcare.com/

00:00 Max talks about what’s happening at the intersection of Quality Indicators and EHR Systems.
03:00 “I no longer want to prove that I’m using the EHR; I want to use this as a tool to improve my practice.”
03:30 The future direction of health records – centering the data around a person and not a record.
05:45 The scope of what an EHR is capable of.
09:00 Templates vs. Customization.
15:30 “How do we manage populations?”
18:00 Step One: Sit down with Provider Leadership.
24:15 Capturing unstructured data.
28:20 When someone should call Galen Healthcare Solutions.

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