“Episode 81: How Much Will A Patient Pay for A Drug with AJ Loiacano from Truveris”
by Stacey Richter

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A J Loiacono

A.J. Loiacono is the Chief Innovation Officer at Truveris, where he leads product development, strategic planning and enterprise partnerships. Prior to Truveris, AJ was a co-founder and Partner with SMS, a software development firm specializing in transactional software solutions for national realtors. He also founded enterprise resource planning company, Victrix, leading the firm to a successful sale. AJ previously served as a Partner with Artemis Venture Capital.


00:00 AJ dissects the patient transaction with a pharmacist at the pharmacy.
02:30 The faucets of an insured transaction, and what all of this entails.
04:50 The three entities that 70% of all insured transactions happen through.
05:45 The confusion between medical insurance and pharmacy benefits.
06:00 How self-insured employers fit into this confusion.
08:00 Prior-authorization and how this affects a patient’s access to certain drugs.
09:55 AJ discusses Martin Shkreli and the implications that his actions have had on the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.
13:45 “I am exposed to cost.”
14:30 How a pharmacy gets reimbursed.
18:00 Walgreens as a learning lesson for other pharmacies.
20:30 Branded drugs vs. Generic drugs, Prescriptions vs. Pharmacy decisions
23:15 Dispense as written codes.
25:00 How plan design can have just as much deciding power as the physician writing the prescription.
28:45 AJ explains Truveris.
30:00 Anyone can download the Truveris app.
31:30 The copay threshold.
34:45 You can find out more at oneRX.com, and truveris.com.

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