“Episode 65: The Collaboratory Of New York With Anuj Desai of the NYeHealth Collaborative”
by Stacey Richter

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Anuj DesaiAnuj Desai is the Vice President of Market Development for the New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC). In this role, he has overall responsibility for business development, fundraising, marketing, and events. Anuj oversees the development and management of strategic relationships and alliances with the various vendors and partners that interact with NYeC. He also leads the New York Digital Health Accelerator, the NYeC Gala, and activities related to national policy development and interoperability.

Anuj brings over 15 years of experience in business development, strategy, and relationship management experience in the health care industry. Most recently, he worked in a business development role at Johnson & Johnson focused on developing whitespace strategy and forming business cases for M&A and organic growth in health technology. Previously, he has worked for a software consulting company developing clinical data management tools for pharma and biotech clientele. He received his MBA from University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business and his undergraduate degree in Biotechnology from Rutgers University. He has been recognized by multiple organizations including Crain’s New York Business 2013 Class of “40 Under 40” and Modern Healthcare’s “Up and Comer’s Award.

00:00 Anuj explains what the NYeHealth Collaborative is.
01:20 Why New York is so well invested in the eHealth cause.
03:30 The most successful players in healthcare will be those who are the most collaborative.
05:30 How payment reform is driving collaboration.
06:00 The definition of interoperability in context of healthcare within NYeHealth’s perspective.
07:40 The high cost of building an interface that could share data between each very different EHR systems.
08:30 How the NYeHealth Collaborative worked toward developing a certification program that EHR and HIE systems can pass to be deemed fully interoperable.
10:20 Why standardizing interfaces is financially wise.
12:50 How Medicaid fits into the SHINY.
15:30 Anuj explains the Accelerator program, and how it came about.
17:45 The selection process for the Accelerator program.
19:30 How a provider selects companies that they want to work with, so there’s no time wasted on unnecessary or unwanted needs.
21:00 The mutually beneficial relationship that the Accelerator program provides between providers and companies.
22:30 How the Accelerator program measures outcomes and evaluates success.
26:20 Why companies may find success or failure because of differing needs for pharma companies and providers.
27:45 Why the Accelerator program is more for already-established companies looking to grow, and not so much seed companies.
29:40 What Anuj thinks the next evolution in Healthcare is going to look like.
32:00 How providers are navigating patient engagement and the dozens of companies emerging to build solutions for patient engagement.

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