“Episode 59: Avoiding Paralysis by Analysis with Chris Bloomer from Trexin”
by Stacey Richter

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Chris Bloomer

Chris Bloomer is the leader of Trexin’s healthcare capability. He is a business operations and IT leader with over 20 years of experience, exhibiting a strong track record of defining and executing transformational initiatives for industry-leading organizations. He has deep industry expertise in healthcare (payer and provider) and financial services. Chris’ healthcare experience includes leading one of the nation’s largest payers in the creation & delivery of their Affordable Care Act financial information management strategy. Previously, Chris served as Divisional CIO and VP of Client Integration at Accretive Health. He partnered with leading health care systems to create an innovative care model driving improved patient satisfaction, lower cost, and higher quality in Commercial and Pioneer ACOs environments. As COO & CIO at Dean Health Plan, he led a turnaround of the Information Technology organization. As the VP of Customer Service and IT at Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN, he was responsible for the overall Integrated Service Experience.

Email: chris.bloomer@trexin.com
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisbloomer

00:00 Chris discusses what Trexin is.
00:15 Trexin is an IT management and consulting firm that works with advanced technologies to improve clients’ IT health systems and improve outcomes.
01:00 Consumer Engagement, Improving Health Outcomes and Costs, Emerging Business Models, and Healthcare Policy and Compliance.
01:40 Trexin’s main client base includes both payers and providers, as well as PBMs, Pharma, Health Tech, Health Insurance Exchanges, and Healthcare Service Providers.
02:15 Chris explains what Consumer Engagement looks like through Trexin’s eyes.
03:20 IVR: Integrated Voice Response system.
03:45 Chris gives an example of a Trexin customer’s improved consumer engagement.
07:00 Internal Interoperability: Why this is important.
09:00 Improving Health Outcomes with Trexin.
10:00 How increasing collaboration improves health outcomes and interoperability.
11:00 Payers have claims data and providers have clinical data. Trexin helps integrate data warehouse collaborations that are then easily accessed on both sides.
12:45 Chris explains what’s wrong with many approaches to data warehouse initiatives, and how Trexin approaches these data warehouses differently.
18:00 The necessity for better IT resources for smaller provider groups and how Trexin is working to fill this necessity.
21:45 How Trexin provides insightful analytics.
22:50 “Asking the wrong question as cheaply as possible.”
26:20 The common themes that payers and providers run into when addressing data issues.
31:15 Exciting things coming up for Trexin.
33:00 You can find out more at www.trexin.com.

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