“Episode 51: What you Need to know about Specialty Pharmacy & Biosimilars – Ray Rede from Armada Health Care explains”
by Stacey Richter

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Ray_RedeRay has 30 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical industry.  He has worked in various segments, most recently in Payer Relations and Specialty Pharmacy.  He has participated in the development of Payer and Specialty marketing plans for a Pharmaceutical manufacturer as well as for a Network Management company.

Currently, Ray is with Armada Health Care, who recently released its new Specialty Workflow program, ArmadaONE. ArmadaONE is an integrated web-based software platform that optimizes specialty pharmacy operations, prescription workflow and overall patient management. Armada has developed this new platform to seamlessly integrate with pharmacy dispensing systems and workflows used by specialty pharmacies across the country.

Address: 100 Campus Drive, Suite 300, Florham Park, NJ 07932
Phone: 973-564-8004
Fax: 973-564-8010
Cell: 520-904-3845
Email: raymond.rede@armadahealthcare.com
Websites: www.armadahealthcare.com

00:00 Ray discusses the Armada Summit and attending “Armada 15”.
01:00 How Ray defines “Specialty Pharmacy”.
02:00 How the patient experience is the primary distinction between a speciality pharmacy and a retail pharmacy.
03:30 Ray explains Armada Healthcare and the history behind the company.
04:30 The various companies that participate in the Armada program across the nation.
07:00 How Armada is a Group Purchasing Organization with a twist, and the services it offers its clients.
11:00 How Armada’s relationship with 700+ speciality pharmacies allows it to find the right pharmacy for all of its clients.
12:00 Ray talks Biosimilars and how these drugs fit into the pharmaceutical world.
15:00 The concerns around Biosimilars and the possibility of “Branded Biosimilars.”
17:00 Ray’s advice for pharma manufacturers, particularly around Biosimilars.
20:00 Ray discusses Infusion clinics and moving reimbursement from the medical side to the pharmacy side of healthcare.
23:00 How reducing price points can become an issue for providers.
26:00 The evolution of infusions, reimbursement, infusion clinics, and specialty pharmacies.
30:30 The percentage of speciality pharmacy that is location-based vs. mail-order, and what a speciality pharmacy really looks like in modern healthcare.
31:00 How communication for mail-order brands really works.
35:30 You can find out more about Armada at their website, on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, or at the next Armada Summit, “Armada 16”.

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