“Episode 42: Personalizing Healthcare with Jeff Ruby from Newtopia”
by Stacey Richter

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Jeff RubyJeff Ruby is a health innovator with an extensive entrepreneurial track record in preventive health. Prior to founding Newtopia, Jeff was Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Cleveland Clinic Canada, a collaboration between the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and Canyon Ranch, and Canada’s leading destination for preventive health and lifestyle management. Before that, he served as Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Life Screening Centres Inc., a cancer screening and prevention company, alongside a diversified group of international health product and service companies as part of The Copeland Group of Companies. Prior to the Copeland Group, Jeff was a Co-Founder and Director of Operations of Genetic Diagnostics Inc., an early stage biotechnology company commercializing a new genetic diagnostic testing platform. Jeff has a joint Juris Doctorate and Masters of Business Administration (JD/MBA) from Osgoode Hall and the Schulich School of Business in Toronto and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Western University. Jeff is a global thought leader and expert on integrative, personalized and highly engaging strategies to deliver affordable and sustainable health results and behavior change.

00:00 Jeff talks Newtopia, and how it encourages people to lead healthier lives.
01:45 How Newtopia catches users before they develop metabolic syndrome by identifying at-risk users in order to prevent the disease.
03:10 How Newtopia can ultimately save users money by avoiding rising health care and medical treatment costs.
05:40 Newtopia’s relationship with Aetna Innovations.
07:10 What Newtopia as a pilot with Aetna Innovations looks like from a provider standpoint.
09:30 What Newtopia looks like for a user.
10:45 Newtopia’s goal to understand the patient in a well-rounded way, from a genetic and personality standpoint, as well as a willingness to change.
12:20 Newtopia’s ability to provide a personalized plan that can integrate with wearable technology and personalized “coaches” who can help inspire and keep users accountable.
14:20 Newtopia considers itself a “genetic engagement” company.
16:30 The importance of genetic engagement to lifestyle changes.
18:15 Some of the results that Jeff saw in the first year of piloting Newtopia.
22:00 How Newtopia adds value to employers.
26:30 How Newtopia inspires its users to want to change and keep healthier lifestyles.
31:00 The importance of human interaction, along with engaging through technology, and how Newtopia brings these two together to create the greatest amount of success for its users.
34:30 How Newtopia creates as much access as possible, within the limitations of access to technology and its ability to work through businesses.
37:30 How Newtopia fits itself to the individual, and where providers fit in.
41:00 You can find out more about Newtopia at Newtopia.com, where Jeff encourages you to reach out to the Newtopia staff to find out how Newtopia can work for you and your business.
42:00 What does the “New” in Newtopia standfor? Nutrition, Excercise, and Wellbeing.

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