“Episode 41: Connecting the Dots to Better Healthcare with Zach Silverzweig from CipherHealth”
by Stacey Richter

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zach silverzweig

Bringing over ten years of experience as an entrepreneur and consultant to CipherHealth, Zach Silverzweig works with hospitals to achieve patient-centered care through the elegant application of innovative and forward-thinking solutions. He leads CipherHealth’s product and development teams, managing the solution lifecycle from concept to napkin to prototype to launch to profitability. Zach also plays a key role in managing the company’s financial operations and helping to shape CipherHealth’s corporate architecture. Prior to CipherHealth, Zach served as founder and CEO of an online fitness planning website. Zach has worked as a consultant at Pace Harmon and Archstone Consulting, where he helped healthcare payors, providers and the Fortune 500 improve operations, increase performance, and reduce costs.

00:00 Zach talks how CipherHealth got started.

01:30 The gap that CipherHealth fills in the Healthcare industry.

02:00 How CipherHealth reduces hospital readmissions.

04:50 The “Robo-call” that CipherHealth uses, and how this is an effective way to reach a large number of patients.

09:20 How automation occurs for the CipherHealth app.

11:00 How CipherHealth works as a platform to match and enable a variety of capabilities in an assortment of hospitals.

16:00 Zach discusses what it looks like to have talented providers define their steps to patient care.

19:00 Where CipherHealth can work as a mediator in healthcare.

21:00 How CipherHealth as a company is growing.

22:50 The “Echo” tool and how this is used on the platform.

26:40 “The best way to teach is to tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them.”

27:00 The new population health initiative that CipherHealth is rolling out.

30:00 The seamless plans that patients may be enrolled in through CipherHealth that allows providers and team members to work together to accomplish tasks with the patient.

33:00 How CipherHealth raises the visibility on its higher risk patients.

35:00 Things that Zach is currently paying attention to in the market place.

38:07 You can reach out to CipherHealth via cipherhealth.com and send an email at info@cipherhealth.com.

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