“Episode 40: Jackie Thong from KlioHealth on Managing Multiple Chronic Conditions”
by Stacey Richter

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Jacqueline ThongAn experienced entrepreneur, Jacqueline has over 15 years of experience in software and health IT, in roles ranging from sales and marketing to system design and project management. Prior to founding Klio Health, Jacqueline was an early member of CRF Health, one of the leading providers of electronic patient diary systems for the clinical trials industry. In her career at CRF Health, she managed the implementation of patient data capture systems in over 50 Phase II and III clinical trials for global pharmaceutical companies across a variety of therapeutic areas. She was also previously on the management team of a venture-backed software startup in Helsinki, Finland. Jacqueline holds an MBA from INSEAD.


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00:00 Jackie talks about being the founding CEO of Klio Health.
00:30 Jackie explains how Klio Health is both a web app and platform, as well as much more.
01:10 How Klio Health is a provider-driven app and platform.
02:15 How Klio Health is for multiple conditions, not just one singular health issue.
03:20 The customizable care plans that Klio Health offers in order to be a “disease-agnostic” platform and app.
04:20 How Klio Health encourages care coordination.
05:00 Jackie walks us through an example of how Klio Health could work for an individual user.
08:00 How a PCP would acquire the care plans from specialists in order to use the Klio Health App.
09:10 How the Klio Health App has full transparency so that specialists and PCPs can work together and communicate via the app and platform.
12:00 How Klio Health addresses “Treat to Target” methods of treating conditions.
13:25 Klio Health’s ability to collect data on a patient in order to assist specialists and PCPs in treating an individual’s condition more accurately.
14:45 Klio Health’s use of self-reported data through the Promise initiative, as well as other validated health-related questionnaires, published studies, and some providers’ long-held method to use patient treatment journals.
18:00 Klio Health’s focus on data that is actionable.
19:00 How providers can individualize the Klio Health app by setting up alerts for patients that will help turn data into actionable data for an individual patient’s treatment.
22:00 How specialist providers are also using the Klio Health App in their care settings.
26:45 How Klio Health interacts with other specialized Apps.
33:20 Klio Health’s approach to non-compliant patients.
35:40 Jackie discusses remote monitoring for patient health, and provider reimbursement.
39:11 Check out KlioHealth.com for more information.

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