“Episode 34: Dr. Benji Jack talks about Reducing E.R. Readmissions”
by Stacey Richter

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Benjamin Jack Benjamin Jack, MD is co-founder and CEO at BoardRounds, a healthcare startup that saves lives and money by improving emergency room follow-up care. He is a graduate of Weill Cornell Medical College, and formerly worked as a quantitative trader at Goldman Sachs. He holds a B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics from Columbia University.

Company URL: Boardrounds.com

Contact: hello@boardrounds.com

Social media: @boardrounds@benjijack

00:00 Benjamin discusses how he became an entrepreneur.
01:00 Benjamin explains BoardRounds.
04:30 The role that doctors and healthcare providers play into BoardRounds services.
06:20 BoardRounds three options, and the starting point for hospitals.
07:00 BoardRounds concierge service, and the ease with which hospitals are able to incorporate BoardRounds.
12:00 The BoardRounds App.
14:15 BoardRounds for the hospital perspective.
16:35 How BoardRounds has built a human and automated component to assist clinical decision support and ease the flow of emergency room treatment.
20:00 The Patient vs. ER readmission dichotomy, and how BoardRounds plays into this.
21:15 “Of over 100 million patients a year who come to the emergency room, only about 20% will be admitted to the hospital.”
21:30 “We’re focused on making sure that the 80% that go home don’t have to return to the emergency room.”
22:00 The economic concern for hospital ERs that BoardRounds addresses.
23:40 An example of a Pay-for-Performance contract.
24:00 The hospital movement towards value-based care.
24:45 How BoardRounds fits into the “big five” value-based care models that hospitals are moving towards.
26:40 The kind of data that BoardRounds collects and analyzes.
31:20 BoardRounds data findings for cost-driving conditions.
33:00 Benjamin’s opinion on what the one critical success factor is for reducing costs: Patient Engagement.
34:00 Visit www.boardrounds.com or e-mail Benjamin at benji@boardrounds.com for more information.

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