“Episode 31: Dr. Ashish Atreja discusses the Sinai App Lab”
by Stacey Richter

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ashish_atrejaDr Atreja has formal training in epidemiology and board certification in gastroenterology, clinical informatics and internal medicine. Over the last ten years, he has led many informatics initiatives at Cleveland Clinic and Mount Sinai Health System that includes developing online education modules, leading EHR implementation in an integrated delivery network, designing registries, analytics on healthcare data and developing patient and provider facing apps. He had received 2011 Innovator Award at Cleveland Clinic and currently chairs eCommunications Advisory Board at American Gastroenterology Association. As Director of Sinai AppLab and Chief Technology Innovation and Engagement Officer, Department of Medicine, he has dual role of developing innovative apps for patient care, education and research as well as engaging with providers, patients and startups to adopt new technology and improve outcomes at Mount Sinai Health System. Dr. Atreja is funded by National Institute of Health, has published over 50 scientific papers and has presented internationally on topics related to mHealth and patient engagement.

Ashish Atreja, MD, MPH, FACP
Twitter: @atreja
Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/atreja
Website: http://sinaiapplab.org

00:00 Ashish discusses what led him to his current role in healthcare.
03:00 “We really wanted to create an ecosystem where Apps could interact with each other.”
04:45 Mount Sinai Health System works with 7 hospitals and is currently one of the largest Health Systems in the country.
05:00 “Most of the hospital IT is about maintaining the current infrastructure.”
06:00 What Ashish’s Health System structure looks like.
09:10 Ashish talks Mount Sinai Health System’s flagship app and it’s personalization and integration for different providers.
11:15 The sources that the flagship app draws data from and then subsequently creates “Information Nuggets” from, for providers.
14:50 “Our goal is to track each and every patient with IBD that enters into our Health System.”
15:40 Patients can enter into a community where they can communicate with others who suffer from the same illnesses/disease.
16:00 The three components of the app: Tracking Patients (for Provider use), Curated Education (for patients), and Community (between patients).
16:45 “Our goal is provide the Right Data, from the Right Patients, at the Right Time, in order to allow providers to take the Right Action.”
20:00 The app will eventually integrate decision support with EHR.
22:20 Sinai AppLab is not like most start-ups; the AppLab has the advantage of having the Mount Sinai Health System at their fingertips for testing and integrating their innovations.
25:30 Ashish discusses using technology to treat to target.
29:00 Ashish discusses learned helplessness.
32:30 Ashish thinks that the one critical success factor to reducing costs is patient engagement.
33:30 “We must engage with providers as well.”
36:00 You can learn more at SinaiAppLab.com

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