“EP153: A Failure to Communicate in Healthcare, with Michael Kendzierski of Spok”
by Stacey Richter

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Today I speak with Michael Kendzierski from Spok about care team communications, or lack thereof as the case may be. We discuss how EHR systems don’t cut it from a communications standpoint, leaving the gap to be filled by islands of standalone communication channels that may or may not actually link together all the people who need to know something and often don’t integrate within the workflow.

Michael is the Division Vice President at Spok Inc.  He has a wide array of experience in hospital operations with experience in the Operating Room, Medical Devices, Healthcare IT and Voice/Data communications.  Michael is passionate about helping providers overcome obstacles to better serve their patient.

00:00 The communication gap in Healthcare.
04:00 70% sentinel events are caused by lack of communication.
04:20 The quintessential communication breakdown issue: sepsis.
08:40 Do healthcare leaders recognize this problem?
10:45 Have communication issues increased because of technology?
13:00 How these enterprise communication systems work for clinicians.
16:20 Alert fatigue.
18:00 Building workflows & the key to an enterprise system.
20:10 “The enterprise communication solution should be the communication tool for the EHR.”
23:15 Evidence-Based Protocols and EHRs.
26:00 Lessons learned working with organizations that have incorporated enterprise communication solutions.
28:10 Secure texting, and advice for building better communication.
30:15 Extending solutions beyond Clinicians and Patients to families.
31:30 You can learn more at spok.com, or by contacting Michael directly.

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