“Episode 15: Designing for Better Health Outcomes with Gail Zahtz from Senserit”
by Stacey Richter

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gail_zahtz Gail Zahtz is an author, speaker, talk show host, designer, digital strategist and serial entrepreneur in her passion for Design For Life. She creates better experiences, products and spaces. Her umbrella company, Senserit, connects brands, baby boomers, health and design enthusiasts via over a dozen media platforms.

Her designs and communications enable dignity, independence and beauty regardless of age, health or ability. Gail’s current work includes the first institute for health + design; guiding new product development; evidence based, experience and sensory design, a new book and media programs. Her voice has been a leader at the intersection of health + design for more than two decades through hundreds of major projects, and thousands of articles, television, radio and speaking appearances- including production for major television networks.

A writer and communicator first and foremost, Gail interweaves her personal experiences as a life long patient and caregiver with the ability to combine all forms of story telling, events and digital strategy to create impactful events, spaces and products. She speaks from the heart for those who have the least voice especially domestic violence, mental illness, and chronic pain. Her goal is to create a world where design works for everyone and every voice matters.


Email: gailzahtz@gmail.com
Phone: 651-357-0306
Twitter: @gailzahtz

00:20 Gail explains sensory health and design.

1:15 Designing the spaces, the products, and the experiences that make up “healthcare”.

3:30 Gail’s definition of “outcomes”

4:00 “The things that get measured get managed”—Peter Drucker   “The things that get reimbursed get managed”–Stacey

4:45 Gail talks falls as “Never Events”—30% of never events that occur in a hospital are falls.

6:00 Legal requirements for hospitals when never events occur.

7:00 How Gail wound up where she is.

9:00 Sensory rooms—their abundance in Europe, but surprising rarity in the U.S.

10:05 What is a sensory room? Three different kinds.

11: 30 Examples of wasteful spending that actually cause more problems for hospitals than helps patients.

14:00 Despite studies to support Gail’s ideas about design and outcomes, it’s difficult to change the healthcare conversation and change the outcomes for healthcare spending and service.

15:40 The U.S. defines disability differently than the rest of the world; the World Health Organization defines disability as a continuum.

17:00 Are many of the issues healthcare and hospitals are facing right now cultural or communication? Gail thinks a little of the first, hoping much of the second.

20:00 Gail’s hope for Design committees and how they would be implemented into the healthcare world.

22:45 The concept of innovation and bringing everyone to the innovation table.

23:20 “Best cases” in hospital design.

24:00 Why Children’s hospitals tend to rise above in terms of sensory health and design.

26:50 Looking more towards the main priorities of the biggest players in healthcare opens up wider and better solutions for improving healthcare design.

29:50 What exactly Senserit does—a platform media company that has grown to include events, design, and services.

33:30 Healthcare has become a significantly competitive space—why and who will find success in the healthcare space versus why those that fail do.

34:40 Gail’s actionable advice for healthcare institutions.

36:00 Examples to improve healthcare practices now: Fall Prevention Checklists and its benefits, etc.

You can find Gail on twitter @GailZahtz or on her website, www.gailzahtz.com

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