“EP142: Finding the Healthcare Use Case with Brian Yarnell from Bluestream Health”
by Stacey Richter

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As Brian says, one of the biggest mistakes that healthcare executives make, regardless of whether you’re in the payer or provider or health tech business, is to go for a “Big Bang” strategy with a three year timeframe. Generally, you wind up with a lot of elaborate plans and not much to show for it. The best way to go is a more incremental approach. Pick a strategic direction, but then simply find a related use case and solve for it. After you see how that goes, do the next right thing. That’s the philosophy Brian and his crew use over at Bluestream Health and two years in, they have hundreds of customers. So clearly, it’s working out for them.

Brian Yarnell is President and Founder of Bluestream Health, a New York-based healthtech startup delivering an on-demand platform for remote medical expertise. Prior to launching Bluestream Health, he founded, grew and sold StarlingHealth, a startup that replaced nurse call systems with multilingual touchscreen interfaces and a clinical workflow platform.

Brian is an entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience creating and commercializing enterprise software platforms across multiple verticals. He is an Advisor to ElabNYC, a member of the Connected Health Institute Advisory Board of VNA Health Group, and mentor to students at CCNY’s Zahn Innovation Center. Brian earned a BS in Marketing and International Business from The Pennsylvania State University.

00:00 Check out Brian’s other RHV interview, Episode 45.
01:45 What Brian’s been up to for the last two years.
02:15 Identifying the problem that had the right market fit.
02:50 Identifying use-cases that are actionable in a short amount of time.
04:00 Keying into a problem that people are willing to pay for.
05:00 Building a fluid exchange across all of healthcare as a best business practice.
06:00 “Everyone has an innovation system, and that innovation system is a catch-all for solutions looking for problems.”
06:30 Discovering use-cases.
07:00 “The Value you deliver equals benefits minus cost.”
07:20 “There’s a difference between willing to write a check and willing to try it out.”
08:20 “Eighty percent of customers don’t have the money or authority to pay for that service upfront.”
10:00 The reality of not-for-profit hospitals vs. for-profit providers.
11:30 Avoiding moral hazards with exchange models.
12:30 Fostering brands at the point of care.
13:00 Getting Experts on demand.
15:00 “We count on a Care Professional driving that interaction, standing next to a patient.”
16:25 “The real complexity behind the scenes is, ‘What is that resource?’.”
17:00 Lessons Brian has learned in making this happen.
26:00 Consumers want convenience.
26:30 Solving for Consumer demand for off-hours work without asking Providers to work 60 hours a week.
30:45 What Provider organizations need to be doing right now to maximize their Value-Based Care.
32:25 You can learn more at bluestreamhealth.com or email Brian at byarnell@bluestreamhealth.com.

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