“Episode 14: Healthcare Change means Provider Change – Jason Brooks from The Private Practice Consultant”
by Stacey Richter

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jason_c_brooks Jason Brooks is the founder of The Private Practice Consultant, a healthcare consulting company that serves the independent practice in all facets of development, marketing, EHR/PM procurement-configuration-training-and-support, patient engagement, and employee retention and engagement.

He is also the Chief Operating Officer at Epical Healthmed, a “concierge” cash-only practice focused on providing in-home or at-work care, and allowing the patients to become fully engaged and take an active role in their healthcare.

Jason Brooks is proud to be Consulting as the Business Analyst II for the State of CT, D.O.C. Health Portal Project. They are responsible for managing the procurement and implementation of an EHR to the 17 facilities in the state, and the establishment of a patient/community provider portal to achieve information sharing in the state.

Finally, Brooks is an entrepreneur who has a deep desire to provide service and add value for the independent practices out there who are struggling, who are doing their best to maintain a profitable practice, while practicing medicine is becoming a numbers game. To those providers, clinicians, assistants, and staffers, he says…Thank You! How may I be of service?

Phone: 413-355-3525

Email: Privatepracticeconsultant@gmail.com

Web: privatepracticeconsult.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=346150105

Twitter: @Consults4MDs

Facebook: Facebook.com/ThePrivatePracticeConsultant

Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/105572598175106945303/about/p/pub

00:00 How Jason became a consultant.

1:50 Jason gets into the IT world, works for a company that specializes in Electronic Health Records.

3:30 Jason has a “Aha” moment, realizing that he is working more as a consultant than as part of a specific line of work within the company.

5:00 Jason’s current consulting company: The Private Practice Consultant.

5:20 Jason wanted to brand himself as “the differentiating factor” in consulting between practices.

6:05 “I don’t work for practices, I work with practices.”

6:30 Some of the questions Jason will go through with companies, in order to assess future goals and how to achieve those goals.

7:10 Reasons why companies want Jason to consult with them.

9:40 How Jason sets himself apart from other consultants.

11:40 The key contributor to financial woes for providers: regulation.

13:00 Why the problems providers face right now are not about quality of care.

14:40 Health Information Exchanges, and how broader expansion of this across country will help improve care provider business.

15:25 What is Health Information Exchange (HIE)?

16:00 Reasons why the HIE is beneficial to healthcare providers.

19:00 Is the “Family Doctor” making a comeback?

22:20 Jason’s work on a Concierge Practice with Epical Health Med in Mission, TX.

24:00 The benefits of a Concierge Practice.

27:40 How Concierge Practice translates into hospital care and insurance coverage.

30:00 How this practice model can reduce medical costs in the long term, while still being very profitable for healthcare providers.

35:00 Jason can be reach at his website, privatepracticeconsult.com, called directly at 413-355-3525, or by email at Jason@privatepracticeconsult.com.

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