“Episode 135: Get Future-Proof, What You Need to be Doing Now with David Smith, Chief Development Officer of Leavitt Partners”
by Stacey Richter

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David Smith is the Chief Development Officer where he is responsible for expanding the firm’s influence in the health care market. Since joining Leavitt Partners, David has advised clients in areas of government activity, insurance market reforms, economic changes to the health care payment system, and alliances. He specifically helped establish the Private Exchange Coalition and has led multiple collaboratives that aggregate parties with common interests to achieve statutory, regulatory, or market objectives. David also established and expanded Leavitt Partners Chicago operation.

David has a Masters of statistics with an emphasis in econometrics from the University of Utah. He also served on the Utah State Board of Regents, where he shared some collective stewardship over Utah’s publicly funded institutions of higher education.


00:00 The inexorable shift from FFS to Value-Based Care.
02:00 Dispassionate Economics.
02:30 Where David thinks Healthcare will be in one year.
03:45 Consumerism and Consumer choice in Healthcare.
04:20 Information Asymmetry.
06:00 Decision making in Healthcare as a Consumer and as a Patient.
07:50 Trends moving forward.
08:20 The changing nature of physician roles.
10:30 Harnessing Data.
12:45 Where Practice Transformation begins to matter.
15:40 Core themes for successful futures.
16:45 Defining Value.
17:20 Build for Value.
18:00 Build for and around the Patient.
18:40 Adding value to the system.
19:20 Becoming more collaborative.
21:00 Setting Value.
23:00 Creating Value by driving adoption through CMS.
24:15 Three questions for Health Tech Startups.
28:00 Health Policy.
30:00 You can find out more information at www.leavittpartners.com.

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