“Episode 119: Fostering Problem-Solver Nurses and Maker Nurses w/Jamie Davis of NursingShow.com”
by Stacey Richter

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Jamie Davis, RN, NRP, B.A., A.S., host of the Nursing Show is a nationally recognized medical educator and author who began educating new emergency responders as a training officer for his local EMS program.  As a media producer, he has been recognized for the MedicCast Podcast, a weekly program for emergency medical providers like EMTs and paramedics, and the Nursing Show  a similar program for nurses and nursing students. His programs and resources have been downloaded over 6 million times by listeners and viewers. People follow Jamie online under the handle @podmedic on most social media platforms like TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.

00:00 What ‘Better’ looks like for a nurse.
02:25 Communicating and Educating patients as a critical part of Nursing Education.
03:30 Holistically looking at the entire patient.
05:15 Are Nurses getting the training they need?
05:30 The lack of standardization in nursing education between hospitals and health systems.
07:45 Using data to improve Patient Outcomes.
09:40 Process Improvements and the goals within these initiatives.
11:00 Empowering Nurses to improve the process.
15:35 “People are resistant to change, so you have to give them a reason for it.”
17:20 “Where’s the why?”
18:00 Maker Nurses.
21:25 Things created by a Maker Nurse.
23:30 Managing a Maker Nurse environment.
25:30 “A Nurse’s time is best spent at the bedside.”
27:40 Advice about Empowerment for Nurses and Executives of a Provider Organization.
31:00 You can find out more information at Mediccast.com.

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